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    Default Club Mobay tickets

    Can tickets for Club Mobay be purchased at CN? From what I have read, this would be a very nice place to spend a couple of hours while waiting for flight departure. I'm thinking about surprising my husband with a ticket for his birthday which is the week after we come home.

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    Good question and hope someone answers you! I feel like I've seen that answer on the mb but for anything cant remember it!

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    Not sure but you can definitely purchase them at the airport right outside the entrance to the immigration line.


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    Yes, you can purchase at the resort! We looked into it for our trip in July, but decided it wasn't worth it. Lines were not long and we sat for our wait time upstairs at Margaritaville! That was cheaper.

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    We bought tickets at the resort and used them. Next time I would wait until the we got to the airport and see how busy it is. Security would have been quick anyway and the "free" food was only appetizers. You could order out, but you had to pay, so kind of defeats some of the purpose.

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    Gotta have the airport Margaritaville fix before you leave!
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