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    Default Crowds at Negril A/N Beach in Late September?

    Hi all,

    My wife and I are coming to CN for our first time at the end of Sept. I have been A/N many times, but she hasn't. Can you tell me how crowded the A/N beach typically gets in late September?

    Is the resort as a whole busy, or is it pretty empty?



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    We will be at CN starting Sept. 29 thru Oct. 5th. We went to CTI last January. We were wondering about crowds on AN side as well. Maybe we will get to see you guys there. We will be on AN side everyday.

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    My husband and I travel to CN mid-sept. The AN side of the resort is very low key and not busy. They have their
    own bar set up on that side and there are security guards who keep out the non-naked folks. My first time on the
    AN side was a bit uncomfortable because I thought people would be staring at each other but not so. Tell your wife nothing to worry about. Everyone is respectful, no gawking. If she gets up the courage to swim nude in the bay,
    she can do what I did, wrap the chair cushion (doubles as a float) about her as she walks towards the water and then jump in. No sense in being on the AN side and then not enjoy swimming in the bay. ITS AMAZING!

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    twild, we will save you a spot under the sea grape trees.
    Headed to CN Sept 24th. Hope to be AN by 4pm!

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    You won't find crowds anywhere in late September. No Problem.

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    lovnrumpunch, love the name. We were at CTI in January and loved the rum punch. Save us a spot, hope to be on AN beach aroung 4 on the 29th with a drink in hand. Should be a tons of fun!! Not much longer now.

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