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    Default CONGRATULATIONS to USAIN BOLT - Fastest Man in The WORLD!

    Just one more reason to Love Jamaica. YAH MON! Amazing!

    Shandi a.k.a. Andi Conway
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    Yah Mon, A so we do it.

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    Our TV station showed a part of his interview. I just loved listening to the accent!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I was concerned when he had a false start in the first heat. If he does that next year when they change the rules, he'll be immediately disqualified. However, it is marvelous to watch him in action, even in slow motion.

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    Great news! Did you see his "Yam" coloured Puma shoes? He attributes some of his speed to a diet which includes a lot of yams!! Maybe there's something to it!

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    WOW!!! Great to watch ! So Exciting!!!

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    dont be too suprised if in the next 16 months he becomes the next ben johnson....

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    To the WORLD!!!

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    Dude is amazing.
    The guy in second place broke the previous world record, and LOST THE RACE!

    He is truly poetry in motion. No wasted energy, superb sprinter's mechanics and extraordinary muscle control. A pleasure for us old track guys to watch.

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    Looks like he was coasting again. I just wonder how fast he can really run the 100M?


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    there's no Ben Johnson in Usain Bolt. A 9.58 hundred is amazing and we'll see him in the 200 on Thursday. You check out that girl from South Africa ? 18 yrs old and buries the field in the 800m.
    Andi can you or someone recommend some good Jamaican dancehall, good Jamaican beach music to get before I leave . I like trippy, but dub is on a different plane that I occupy. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We can't wait to get to CN Sept 23rd ... 35 days but who's counting ?

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    When Jamaica won all 3 medals in the 100m Olympics 2008, we were at CSS while the run was taking place. I will never forget the hysteria of the staff (actually have it on video) and for the rest of the day everyone was on a natural high, with all the staff saying ONE-TWO-THREE. Priceless!

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