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    Default June 2011 Brides Weddimg License

    OK, going to be Sept and still no license. Any past brides get theirs yet, we were married June 1 at CSA. WHat should I do if we dont get it? Any suggestions? Randy any help? Jane and John

    I have to have the original to change my RN license.

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    We were married June 9th and still didn;t get ours either. I'm guessing in the nest few weeks we shall see it. My wife has used the copy we got while there to change everything so far and has had no problems.

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    Ok, it arrived 2 days ago.

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    We were married June 20 at CSS and our marriage certificate arrived this week!
    T.O. & Mia
    CSS - June 17-23, 2011 Weddingmoon!
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