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    Does anyone know if you can shop at any of the stores at MBJ airport when you first arrive? Specifically the liquor store and the store that sells spices and coffee. Is there a limit on how much liquor you can buy? We need about twenty of the pint sized appleton rum for welcome bags for a wedding. Thanks!

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    No shopping on arrivals.
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    No can do... the duty free mall at the airport is for departing passengers only... sorry.

    BUT... you may be able to get the little Appletons at the gift shop at the resort?? It's worth looking... can anyone who is at Couples now confirm?

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    I don't think you can because you need a valid boarding pass to make your way back through Security to that part of the airport. If you go to the Couples Lounge when you land and ask them they may be able to work something out to get you what you want, but I would not be surprised if you could not get back there yourself due to the security setup.
    There are places you can buy things on the way to, or near, your Couples resort though.

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    on arrival you do not have access to the duty free stores. i do not know if the folks in the Couples lounge can help you with this or not.

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    Thanks for the info everyone!

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    I don't know where you're flying in from, but you may be able to purchase things duty free from the airline. I know the Canadian airlines (and airports before departure) allow for it

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    Thanks Despy I will check that out.

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    was at CSS 2 weeks ago and they have the pints in the gifts shop and they were around 6.95 want to say. they had a few different things. reg. rum, and rum cream and one other one... can't remember the name,

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    Going to CSA this year?

    We are missing Jamaica.

    Beach bum

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    Hi Beach-bum,
    Yes we are going in November for our son's wedding! After years of telling him how great it is, he finally decided this was the place. Are you going this year?

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    Also a thought -- it might not come FROM jamaica, but you can duty free shop at your depature airport. Most of the airport duty free have the same type of merchandise. I haven't specifically looked for Appletons, though.
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    Readergirl and Vee,
    Thanks, great ideas. I will check into these.

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    If we go, it will be in late January-early February. We purchased a house in the country and funds are limited this year.

    My daughter went to CSA for their honeymoon five years ago and, by chance, they actually stayed in the same room we did (kinda weird).

    I canít think of a better place for a wedding. Wishing the best for your son and family.


    Life is good

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    Congratulations on your new home. Thanks for the well wishes. Hope you get to return to CSA soon. Maybe in the future we will hit it at the same time.

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    I question why you would want to get appletons at the airport, it is only a smidge cheaper ($2 for 750ml) than buying it in the US, and then you do not have to transport it. Save your luggage space for Rum Cream.

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    The Appleton was for the gift bags for the wedding guests at the wedding. We wanted to get it in Jamaica because we can't carry it in our luggage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redsoxnation View Post
    The Appleton was for the gift bags for the wedding guests at the wedding. We wanted to get it in Jamaica because we can't carry it in our luggage.
    Sorry I was being obtuse there, I did not realize the wedding was in Jamaica. My bad.

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    We always go to the grocery store in Negril to get our gifts, spices, jerk rubs and alcohol before leaving. We take the shopping bus on wednesday mornings (do they still do that?) We find the prices to be less than duty free. It's almost across from the Mc Donald's if I remember correctly??

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    Thanks for that info Sunmum!

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