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    This may have been asked before but does CN serve Red Bull or do we have to purchase our own? I would assume it would be cheaper to buy Red Bull off site than at the gift shop?



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    in may of 2010 they did (only across the street)...i'm hoping they still do!!

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    If not across the street you can definitely buy it at the gift shop. Definitely a little pricey so if you drink alot of it you may want to buy it offsite.

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    my wife and I brought a 18 pk of redbull at walmart. saved about 30 bucks doing that. Plus we brought a big bottle of jagermiester!! great to have some jager bombs in the room before going out after being the sun all day.

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    They sell it inside the gift shop, we bought a few this week while we were there - around $3.50 for the small can but worth it for some of the days.
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