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    My husband and I have visited Couples Resorts (CSA and CTI) twice prior and are looking at booking CN for the first time. If you have stayed at the resort before; is it worth purchasing one of the higher suite upgrades?

    As I have received mixed reviews upon reading reviews on Trip Advisor....

    Thank you!

    The Darling's

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    We stayed at CN in 09 and were lucky to get a complimentary upgrade to a suite. The rooms do not face the ocean, so we had to stand at the end of the balcony to take advantage of the view. We never took advantage of the in-room dinner, so can't comment on that. We enjoyed the huge balcony and bathroom.

    Like I said - this was a free upgrade and we were so excited when it was offered to us! We're happy to have had the experience, but I don't think I'd spend the extra money to book this room category in the future. I love the ocean view, so we've booked a Beachfront Suite at CSA for our next trip.

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    Our first trip to CN we booked an ocean view and to see the ocean we had to look almost 90 degrees to our right to see the ocean. 2nd trip we booked a garden view because the two room categories were the same just with different views. We did get upgraded to an ocean view as part of the package at the time. Our next trip (2013) we will book a garden view again. Not much time is spent in the room and the view of the garden or partial view of the ocean is fine with me.

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    We are returning to CN forChristmas. This will be our fourth trip. We have stayed in Oceanview, Garden Suite and Gardenview. The Suite had more room and a hammock on the balcony, the Oceanview was nice but not beachfront and the Gardenview is the same only facing the gardens, which are beautiful!! This trip we booked the gardenview. In my opinion every room is a good room but I would rather use the money and stay an extra night !

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    We've stayed at CN 3 times. 2 times in a Garden Room and last April in a Garden Suite. The suite is very nice, it's actually 2 regular rooms (minus the wall of course) so it is very big. The bathroom is huge with both a tub and seperate shower. We did take advantage of in room dining one night which was very nice & romantic. They also bring you a snack of either deserts or hoers d'oeuvres around 5-6 PM which is a nice touch.
    CN is our "home" resort (it was our first Couples experience) but we've been to CSS & CSA too. We plan on heading back to CSS next April but when we return to CN we will just do the Garden Room again, hopefully in building 4. It has the most beautiful view of the grounds and it very peaceful & tropical.
    The suite was nice but you are not in the room much and the extra 1K you spend was not worth it to us.

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