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    In 2008, my wife and I spent a gloriuos week at CSS. We have been wanting to return ever since but life has gotten in the way.

    We decided that we would try and return home in February 2012, and have been waiting impatiently for specific airfare to decrese in price, and, lo and behold, there was a 2 day sale yesterday (Sept. 1) and today (Sept. 2).

    With the flights now booked, I now only have to wait to see if there will be any new offers because the airline, of course, didn't make sure that their deal took place before the resort credit promotion ended

    We're one step away, and I can already feel the breeze......

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    Congrats on finding a 2 day sale on airfare!!! We found a sale last year for 69 each way from OKC to Ft. Lauderdale and have been searching airfare different places for a while now and just cant find anything that is even decent out there so I'm glad you found good prices!!!

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