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    Default A Slideshow we would like to share of our stay at CSA

    We have not yet received our wedding photo's, but we thought we would share a slideshow we made of our honeymoon. We did not get any contact info for the people we met, so if you see yourself on there give us a holla! We had an amazing time.............. I will def. be returning! it was paradise.

    BTW we had wonderful background Jamaican background music but youtube made us take it off for copyright issues, I'm new to youtube so I don't know how to add music, does anyone else know how to? If so, please let me know : )

    Hope you guys enjoy = )

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    Beautiful thanks for sharing!

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    What a great slideshow!
    Can I ask what software you used to create it?
    Where did you get all those flowers for your hair? SO CUTE!

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    Oh thank you soooo much for sharing! Those were great pictures!! Getting married there 12/12/12

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    Default A Reply to my Slide show thread

    Hey ya'll it's been a while since I've logged onto this thing, but I was thinking out it the other day and thought i would log on. BTW CSA- best vacation EVER, My wedding was more than I could have ever expected. For toe of you that were asking questions, we edited with movies maker, and the flowers I got strictly from the stylist at CSA. She was great. I had lilac orchids in my hair, if that helps. If you have anyany other questions, don't hesitate to message me, ca ( prob should change that loll with the whole name change but oh well. I would be more thna happy to give you any advice. Let me know!~

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