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    Default advice on CSA wedding for 2 people!?

    Hi there,

    We are getting married at CSA March 2012 and i was looking for some advice from couples who have been there and done it!

    As it will just be the 2 of us geting married at 3pm followed by photos by the resort photographer and then 'private dining on the beach' at 7.30 pm, was sondering if anyone had any suggestions of what we could do in between times? (between photos & dinner)

    Is there a nice place we could go for a few glasses of champagne etc before dinner that we wouldnt feel silly dressed up, just the 2 of us??

    Laura x

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    Hi there!
    We were married at 11:00a.m. and finished up with reception/pictures about 2:00p.m. We went on the catarman cruise at 4:30 that afternoon and had dinner that evening at 7:30 that evening. We had drinks before our dinner at the bar in main resturant. We didn't go in our wedding attire but some was just too hot in July to keep it on :-)! You will love CSA.....they do it right!!!

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    Thank you for replying! So does the wedding, champagne reception & the pictures roughly take about 2 hours then would you say?? We are using the resort photographer, is this who you used?

    We are booking the 'private beach dinner' so think this may be about 7.30pm. Think will defo have changed out of our outfits by this point as too warm!

    Is there a nice bar we could go to directly after our pictures for a couple of drinks that we wouldnt feel silly with our wedding outfits on next to other holiday guests at this time of day???? x

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    Congratulations on choosing CSA for your wedding. You made a great choice.

    Monica and I got married at CSA in Dec 2007. Our wedding was also about 1100. We asked a few of the people we met at the resort to celebrate with us and enjoyed being able to share our wedding cake with people that are now good friends. The reception was held in the garden area and was set up with cake and champagne. Reception and photos using the resort photographer took about 3 hrs. After all that, we changed into beach clothes, had a few drinks, walked around the resort and enjoyed our day. Before sunset, we changed back into our wedding outfits and had sunset photos taken. These were some of the best pictures that were taken. Highly recommend that you get these photos. During our stay, CSA automatically made a reservation for us at Feathers on our wedding day. We went directly from our sunset photos to Feathers and had a blast. As several of the guests were leaving Feathers, they commented on how much they enjoyed watching our wedding and how beautiful Monica looked. For us, the meal at Feathers was another highlight of a perfect day. (Plus it's air conditioned and we'd been outside in our wedding outfits for a long time that day). I surprised Monica with a private dinner on the beach a few days later.
    Now when we return, we have our private dinner at the Gazebo where we were married. Celebrating our 5th trip to CSA in Dec 2011 and have booked for a vow renewal in Dec 2012.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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