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    Default Attire at 1 of the restaurants....packing what we need...

    A friend that has been to CN this year mentioned that at one of the restaurants, you needed a shirt with a collar, slacks and possibly closed toed shoes..... I have been looking at the posts and am SO excited to get there and start my 1st CN experience with my new bride !! 5 MORE DAYS ! Want to pack all the right stuff.....Any suggestions ?

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    Your friend is correct. The nicer restaurant Otahite (sp?) requires long pants, collared shirt, and closed toe shoes. Any Docker type pants, Hawaiian shirt or polo, and closed toe shoes (no white sneakers!) will do. Be sure to visit this restaurant as it is wonderful.
    I'm sure your date does not need advice, as us women know how to dress but she can wear anything. I usually wear my nicest outfit or dress to this restaurant.
    Have fun, CN is my favorite of the four Couples resorts.

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    That's what I've heard as well. Think the restaurant in question is Otaheite. When we go next year, I'm planning on taking a light short-sleeve shirt (believe a knit golf shirt will suffice), a pair of Dockers and some close toed boat-style shoes. As long as it looks "nice", I don't think you'd get turned away with that attire.

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    The restaurant they were referring to is Otehite, and IMO it is not to be missed! It is very romantic and very good! You will need dressier attire, as you will not be allowed in without following the dress code. Males must wear long slacks (NOT jeans), a collared shirt, and closed toe dress shoes. Females must wear a dress or slacks and a nice blouse; dress shoes of any kind (sandals, heels, etc) are fine. You can go with a more business casual look or really get glammed up, depending on your mood. I recommend getting a little fancier though, just because it is so romantic! If you think you may want to eat there more than once, I would recommend brining pants and shoes that can be re-worn and just bring an extra shirt/dress. Have a great time!

    Mark & April
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    Your friend is correct for the Otaheite restaurant. Even a polo shirt with a collar is fine. Ladies can wear sundresses, slacks/blouse and sandals. For the other restaurants, wear what you like. The food at all restaurants is wonderful but the Otaheite is to die for! They had beef tenderloin last year that I am still drooling over. There is a place just to the left of the Casava Restaurant that posts daily menus for each of the restaurants so you can plan early in the day where you would like to dine that evening. Tip for packing -- after you have packed everything you think you'll need -- remove half of it! You will spend most of your time in a swimsuit.

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    Light weight linen pants or khakis, a button down short sleeved shirt or polo, and slip on (closed toe) shoes. If they get a little wrinkled in transit, there are irons and ironing boards in the rooms. Dont get to wrapped up about this. Some (especially the ladies) dress up rather nicely for this. However, most are still fairly casual as long you have the above mentioned items.

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