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    Default 16 days until CSS

    Gail and I need this vacation so bad. It's been a long year...lots of long hard days at work, some ups and downs at home but we worked through it all and ready for 10 relaxing fun days in Jamaica and at CSS, with a visit to CTI. Looking forward to seeing some old friends and meeting some new ones. Looking forward to relaxing and laughing with Gail, and few Bob Marley's, some funky bitches (not me, but Gail loves those drinks), some beach time, and pool time!

    Packing starts this week! Soon Come!
    Chuck and Gail
    Washington DC area (Northern VA)
    CSS April 19th
    7th Trip to Couples (2xCSA 4xCSS 1xCTI)
    Too many trips to JA to count and still love it!

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    I am with you on this one....we'll be at CSS in five days!

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    We're 2 days behind you! Can't wait! We went shopping this weekend to pick Jen up a few dresses and some shirts/slacks for me! I'm not an early packer though. In fact, I do it the morning we leave. I'm never able to sleep the night before anyway because I'm so excited so packing at 2 AM makes perfect sense.

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    Well have a great time Chuck and Gail and have a drink for me!!!

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    Have fun!!!

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