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    Default March Maniacs 2010 Part 2 The Search for the King

    Thought I would have a little fun with the title.

    Another update: Nothing new to report from the Crazy Canadians. Still in limbo as to whether we are going or not. Hopefully we'll know something by the fall...

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    Big_Ben you didn't waste anytime did you? You are on it Dude!

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    Thought I would post our dates on the New Message Board!

    Kim/Craig & Laura/Gary

    CN March 10-14
    CSA March 14-21
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    No need to search. I'm still here! But I wish I was there. But that's neither here nor there. Unfortunately, we might not make it to CN next year. We are going to try and book before the end of June and are looking at CTI. Hopefully we won't get bumped for the 3rd time!
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    Default We are Booked!!

    well, after many round about FB conversations with yall regarding dates and places --- we are now booked!! And boy does it feel great to have a trip to look forward to again!! Although the countdown hurts a little.....252 ugh!

    Mark and I will be at:
    CN 3/11-18
    CTI 3/18-23


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    Whoohoo beachwed2007!

    We will be able to see you guys for 4 days! AWESOME!

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    Spreadsheet of who is on the books!
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    So still no changes in our status for a trip. We would really love to go in March.

    I guess we'll see how things go!

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    Ben, the flight tickets seem to be constantly fluctuating so keep your eyes on them. You guys gotta get there. That's an order from the King!

    King, Sir JJ

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    The King can not order a proclomation for a resort he will not be at. We'll have to see who's next in line in the royal lineage that will be at CN. I think that might be the Queen.

    We are keeping an eye on everything. It may be one of those last minute things for us. We'll see.

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    So it's Couples trip for the crazy Canadians in 2010. But we are already looking towards 2011. Hope to see everyone then!

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    Oh...Big will be missed! 2011 isn't that faraway!

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    Hey Maniacs!! I just booked today so we'll see you guys again next year! We'll be at CN 3/11 - 20 We threw in an extra day this go round! So Jeff and I remember the bartenders at the pool bar Elke and IvyLyn but for the life of us, we can't remember the crazy guy on the entertainment crew who does splits upside down on the Margaritaville bus! Anyone help me out here?????

    JJ - I can't believe you're not coming to CN! Maybe you can day trip????

    Lisa & Jeff

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    Yeah, we are already thinking about 2011. Hopefully we should be able to do that!

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    Lisa & Jeff,
    I'm tripping every day! It would be great to see you all again, but travel from CTI to CN is too far for a day trip, and we aren't staying enough nights to do a split. Like Big-Ben said...there's always 2011!!!

    PS - Say hi to Chick for me!

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    JJ - I can always cross my fingers (and legs) that you get bumped again... You crazy kids go have fun at CTI this time! (P.S. Chick says "Quack") LOL

    Beachwed - Looks like we'll be there most of the time you are. We actually fly in on the 12th and depart on the 20th. We would love to take a ride to the school if you and Mark are doing that again next year. So Rhonda, let me know what we should bring for the kids if you guys are going - we'd love to help out!
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    Hi Lisa & Jeff,

    I'm so glad you booked CN! Awesome! I know exactly how you feel about JJ not being at's a bummer! Maybe in 2011 we will see the "KING" again.

    I've added you to the spreadsheet!!!

    Rhonda - BTW....I love the tattoo! It is really pretty!
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    Default snap a couple under-the-table shots and suddenly everyone gets antsy.

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    Thanks Blonde! Starting to get chilly here - only 5 1/2 months to go!!

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    Don't worry Dave, I'll still go commando for your under the table pictures.

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    we stay from 23-03 till 03-04 ;-))

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big_Ben View Post
    Don't worry Dave, I'll still go commando for your under the table pictures.
    Oh, so that was you? It's nice to finally put a name to the ...

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    The Goddess and I are booked!

    CN March 10-14
    CSA March 14-17

    JJ, we will miss seeing you this year (but there is always 2011!). So, I guess I'll have to be the King in your absence again. Let mayhem ensue!

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    Sir Mayhem...King? JJ, what do you have to say about that? I think it's a fantastic idea.

    Hello and welcome laferia. What are your names? I know you are from Belgium.

    The spreadsheet has been updated!

    Only 140 more days!
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    Knight Mayhem, You haven't quite reached King status, but you can certainly play one in my absence. I'm not dead yet! However, I will not take any responsibility for any short-term or long-term damage that may occur.

    So, while you are creating havoc in CN/CSA, I will be keeping the peace () at CTI. My crown will accompanying me at CTI as a reminder of you and the others. You will be missed. And have a happy 52nd!

    Until we meet again, just remember...
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