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    Default Nightlife - CN versus CSA

    Hi everyone,

    My husband and I are trying to decide between CN and CSA. One of the important factors for us is what kind of an atmosphere exists at night at the resorts. We love to enjoy the entertainment, meet new people and have fun late into the night. Do either one of these resorts tend to be more 'alive' at night?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I wouldnt say that CN has a real vibrant nightlife. However, we still met plenty of new people and had great times. It seems to get dark pretty early, so the "night" seems to get started earlier as well. We rarely ate before 8 o'clock, would have drinks before dinner, and always seemed to find a gathering place after dinner. We may have gathered at the piano bar or one of the other on site bars. We also enjoyed playing pool after dinner a time or two. From most of the reviews I ve seen it appears that CSA has the more exciting nightlife. But, like I said, we never lacked for things to do or people to meet at CN. We are going back to CN summer 2012.

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    Hi mitti,
    We haven't been to CN but from what I've read here CSA is more active into the wee hours. It also seems like there's more action at CN during the day around the centrally located pool. At CSA we enjoyed spending a few evenings with Ulti at the piano in the Aura Lounge and then the disco/dance floor opens up to live music or a DJ. But they both have professional entertainment in the evenings after dinner on a main stage. Another thing to consider is whether you want everything in one central location (CN) or spread out like (CSA). We loved strolling through CSA's beautiful grounds. Enjoy making your decision because it's part of the fun.

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