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    Default Couples Negril during Tropical Storm Nicole Sept. 27 to Oct. 2

    My wife and I spent 5 nights there last year during the storm! I have been trying to contact a couple we met there and still have night anyone who was there during that time drop a line would like to see what you you thought of the whole situation! Oh and by the way the couple was from Memphis, Tennessee

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    I am going during that time this year...what happened to you guys ? Did you get a resort credit because of the storm?

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    That was pretty much the time we were there last year. The resort did the best it could in light of the situation, but I do have to say in situations like that Jamaica can make it a very boring place.. We were generally stuck inside for our entire trip outside of eating and drinking, which I am a fan of but still got very tired of that being about all there was to do outside of playing a few games and the other "activities" that take place in the privacy of your room. The power went out, tree limbs fell, there was water everywhere, and the beach disappeared definitely different than every other time we were there. I feel for the local people in Jamaica at the time that were dealing with the situation as I am sure it was much worse than ours..

    We are trying it again around the same time this year again as this is the best time of year for us and our anniversary. We will be praying to get a pass this time so we can enjoy the sunshine and beach that we crave throughout the year.
    We're from Tampa Bay so we get plenty of beach time but there is still something about that 7 Mile Beach that just does not compare.

    If you go during this time of year, be sure to buy travel insurance just in case. If the weather holds out it's perhaps the best time to be at the resort because it is practically empty as it seems, not that it has ever been crowded by any means. It's just pretty much the height of the low season (mainly due to hurricane season) so we've felt like we have the place to ourselves..

    All in all, even with the storm a rainy week in Jamaica was better than a sunny week at work! Not that I am eager to go through it again.

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    We were there last year through the storm as well. We came in on Sunday morning, the 26th. There was a couple we hung out with from Tennessee, her name was Lashonda. They were a lot of fun but I'm not sure if that is who you are talking about. They went back in May I think. They were in their late 20's. My husband and I are trying to get a trip together for that week again.

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