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    Default I'm sure this has been adressed a million times but, CN vs CSA??

    Hi! So, hubby-to-be and I are seriously considering Jamaica for our honeymoon in January, disregarding the fact that my horrible cruise stop in Ocho Rios had me saying I'd never go back. So after much research, the question is: Couples Negril or Couples Swept Away? I really like how much smaller CN is, but I'm worried we'll get bored or sick of it on our 10 day trip. We also don't like the "au naturel" option, but if it's not very in-your-face then we can deal with it - I thought it was just a certain part of the beach, but now I'm reading it's at least one hot tub too? CSA is obviously much larger with more bars and restaurants but I don't know if that makes it worth going to solely for that reason. I also like the wood/white decor of the rooms at CSA more but that doesn't really matter. Which is more relaxed, beachy, and romantic? He's a pool guy, and I'm more of a beach girl, but if there's a beach bar and the water is as gorgeous as it seems in pictures, I think we'll be spending plenty of time at the beach. Which has more to do offsite? I've been reading about some waterfalls and caves that we'd probably like to check out. It's so difficult to choose which resort when they're both breathtaking! Honest opinions and comments? Thanks!

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    CN and SweptAway are only a few km apart, so any "off-campus" trips you take from one, you can also take from the other. You've also pretty much nailed the AN issue... It's not "in your face" at CN, as there is a landscaped barrier between the nude and prude areas of their beach.

    I suspect your decision won't be as difficult as you think. There are very vibrant beach and pool opportunities at both facilities. Don't let that drive your decision. You'll enjoy either facility, to be sure.

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    Both resorts are lovely... CN is smaller, with everything centralized. We love both resorts, but prefer CN because it seems to be a more social resort. With that said, we've been married 30 years so we enjoy the more social scene. CSA is larger with restaurants and pools at both ends. It does have two nice beach bars and a pool bar as well. CSA seemed more quiet and romantic. The beach at both resorts is beautiful, CSA has the larger beach. The nude beach at CN is seperated from the main beach by tall hedges and the only nude hot tub is on the nude beach. The resorts are only a few miles from each other, so the off site excursions are the same. CSA may be a better choice because you've said your a beach person and the beach there is gorgeous and the resort is very romantic.

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    Both CN and CSA are beachy, relaxed, and romantic. Each will speak to you in a different way. Go with your instincts.
    We love CSA because even when it is 100% full, it never appears crowded. As far as getting bored or sick of CN after 10 days, don't worry about it. Both CN and CSA have so much available for you to do(or even not to do) that you'll love your experience. You can always split your stay between CN and CSA and have the best of both worlds.

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    You definitely won't get sick of CN in 10 days. It's more compact in design, but it's still a good-sized resort. Everything is more centralized there. If pool, beach and relaxation are big points for you, CN is perfect. The pool and pool bar are more of a social part of the experience there. There are 2 bars practically on the beach, and one of them is the dry side of the pool bar. Don't forget about the red flag service though! If you don't feel like getting up from your beach chair for a refill, just put up the red flag at your table and they will come to you.

    Don't worry about the AN. It is at one end of the beach, surrounded by a tall hedge, and the AN hot tub is in that area. You could easily spend 10 days there and never see or know of the AN area, depending on where your room is.

    Off-site attractions are the same for both. The resorts are only 2 1/4 miles apart from each other. We've been twice, and while we left the resort for an excursion and a restaurant trip the first time, on our 2nd trip, we had no desire or need to leave the resort. We take advantage of every chance to dive that we get.

    Either way, both resorts will be awesome, and compared to your cruise ship experience, you won't even feel like you visited the same island. Cruise passengers in OR get a very different experience in Jamaica.

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    You really cannot go wrong with either. We have been to both and prefer CN only because we have grown to love the staff there but CSA is awesome and we always spend one day there on The Trading Spaces. Why not do 5 day split. But please do not worry over this. It's a win-win situation. We do not go to the au natural part of CN and don't even realize it is there. If you love walking down a long beach, choose CSA. Oh and you will not get bored. There is SOOOO much to do at the resorts. We planned to do several excursions and then never made them. We got wrapped up in something fun at the resort.
    You are going to LOVE Couples!

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    I can't comment on CN, since we've never been, but here is my review of CSA. we went about 2 weeks ago, and we had the time of our lives. I believe the resort was at capacity during our stay, but it never felt crowded at all. there are plenty of different paths and walkways, so it always felt like other people were few and far between. there was always plenty of seating at the restaurants and in the beach. which brings me to my next point, the beach is absolutely beautiful. the water is crystal clear and perfectly blue. there are 2 really nice pool areas, one with a swim-up bar. we spent quite a lot of time in that pool and we met some really great people. the restaurants are amazing and we enjoyed the variety of restaurants and food. the waterspouts crew was excellent, and we loved all the beach activities. CN and CSA are only about 5 minutes from each other, so off-site excursions will be the same. we ended up not even leaving the resort because there was so much to do there. I don't know if that helps or not, but just know that you will love Jamaica. whichever resort you choose will be great! let me know if there are any other questions you have about CSA!

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    dank120 said CN and CSA are 2 1/4 miles apart. I am going to insist that they are 2 1/2 miles apart. I run CN>CSA>CN every moring and want to continue to believe I do a 5 mile run. (that's what Wayne in the gym told me and I am sticking to it )

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    I can't comment on CN, but we got married at CSA in July of 2008 and had our second visit there in September of 2010. We fell in love with CSA!!! There is so much to do on the resort we never left. We also love that there are so many restaurants to choose from! We spent most of our days at the swim up bar, but made sure we did the resort scuba (no charge). The first visit we skipped the Bonfire night and Casino night. DON"T skip either! The Bonfire was so romantic! I'm sure you will love either resort you choose. I doubt you can go wrong with Couples. We are headed back for our 3rd visit to Jamaica (and first visit to CSS in 17 days!!) Have you thought about a split? 5 days at CN and 5 days at CSA?

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    You might find the comparative review I wrote of CN and CSA earlier this year to be useful.

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    With 10 days planned, why not do a split trip? Spend five days at each.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bert View Post
    dank120 said CN and CSA are 2 1/4 miles apart. I am going to insist that they are 2 1/2 miles apart. I run CN>CSA>CN every moring and want to continue to believe I do a 5 mile run. (that's what Wayne in the gym told me and I am sticking to it )
    Sorry Bert! I don't wanna mess with your mojo, so I'll clarify that it's 2.25 nautical miles, which is roughly 2.58 statute miles that you are running. Keep up the good work! I might actually try that this November. I'm not much of a beach runner and usually end up on the treadmill.

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    Thanks dank - I appreciate the support of my 5 miler.

    You will read of people saying the roads are unsafe, but I have never had a problem. Wide shoulders, not a lot of traffic. I just stay to the right (running against traffic) there and back. I also go at 6:30 or 7:00, so traffic might be lightest then.

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    Thanks everyone!! We booked 9 nights at CN at the end of January - we are SO excited we can hardly stand it

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    Inthesun, that is a brilliant comparison report, one of the best I've read. These are the two resorts that I researched when we first started planning on Jamaica and you summed it up as good as possible. Good vibes to you. Have a great trip what ever you decide Mrs. Cook,(soon to be).

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