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    Default Upgrading Room Inquiry( sept 19th-28th)

    Hello all!!!

    My Fiance and I are getting all ready for our Couples Negril Honeymoon ... (his) first trip south and my second! He's never been to an all inclusive so you could only imagine my excitement to share in that with him and for me to experience it again! I just wanted to see how you go about getting a room upgrade, is it simply just asking upon check in? We've been reading reviews every single day for almost 2 months and have heard the rooms aren't always that great unless upgraded. We're a very easily pleased couple and will no doubt be happy with what we get but was just seeing if it was possible, how exactly we could go about it---
    Thanks for anyone who responds!!!

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    That's just silly. Imagine this... you're booked for the second highest category, so you upgrade to the highest category. Now... does that comment hold water? Of course not! You'll be surprised to learn that you see more of the inside of your eyelids than the inside of your room, so relax... go with what fits your budget and your tastes, then enjoy!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Thats is the great thing about Couples any room is a good room. I would say when making your reservations pick the room style you want, then you know what your getting.

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    I would book the category you want. The resorts are usually pretty full so complimentary room upgrades are generally not an option.

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    Don't expect an upgrade as the resorts are usually full or close to it. It does happen from time to time but just book the room that you can afford so you won't be dissapointed. Once you get there you can always pay for an upgrade if available.

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    Congratulations on the wedding and welcome to the Couples family.
    Our TA always tells us to book the room we want. There is no guarantee that an upgrade will be available.
    If you ask for an upgrade when you check in I am sure they will do anything they can to make you happy!
    You may have to pay for the difference but I am sure they will work with you!
    Relax, Enjoy,
    Phinns Up,

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    I thought that all the room at CN were great, but we upgraded to a Suite, We got appetizers every night, which was
    lovely and if we looked one way we got the beach and the other way was the garden. I prefer a second floor which had a hammock. I am sure any room you get, you will be happy!

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    All the rooms are great. We've had a Deluxe Ocean twice (bldgs 8&9), but last time we checked out another couple's Deluxe Garden and it was the exact same room with a different view. The views of the ocean are ok, but it's not right on the water. It's an obstructed view that is more of a garden view with the ocean in the background. We actually decided to downgrade for our third trip, because it really wasn't worth the extra money to get the same exact room with a partial ocean view. As for the suites, we are in our room for maybe a total of 2 hours a day, other than sleep, so I can't justify the extra money for a bigger room, especially, when the other rooms are way more than adequate.

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