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    Default CTI Review -- August 1-8th

    Hi all,
    My hubby and I returned last Saturday from CTI. We had booked a Secret Rendezvous in July and got CTI. We had stayed at Swept Away twice, so off we went to try a new Couples Resort, with an open mind to new things.

    First of all, I loved it!! It definately doesn't have the beach that Swept Away has, but we knew that going in. But it has great other positives.

    Arrival: Way better!! We stepped one foot off the bus, to meet Kirk and Everald, the CTI Ambassadors. They truly made us feel like we'd arrived to a new "home". Everald was so wonderful and ran to get us Rum punches while we checked in. So smooth, and Kirk had us off to our room.

    Room: We got the gradenview room (SR) but I loved it. It's so bright and cheery and the view was pretty. The zero-edge shower is really cool and the room is well appointed, except -- no bathrobes -- guess I got spoiled at Swept Away.

    Food: Amazing-- what can you say, It's Couples. I put on the requisite six pounds in a week and am in the process of removing it .. lol. Ulysses told us it was his job to make us an omelette to put on the first pound OF THE DAY!! Ouch. Amazing wood oven at the patio. Eight Rivers for the repeaters dinner was great! The Verandah was good and we like Bayside too. Beautiful atmosphere there at the water.

    Beach: pretty nondescript, so we spent much of our time at the pools. It was a lot of fun on August 6th though (Jamaican Independence Day) with lots of activities.

    Tower Isle: we did venture out fairly early on, trepidatiously, to the Island but found, as other said, we liked it. It was very welcoming and fun. We'd spend morning there two or three times and came back for lunch.

    Negatives: (few) The spa is still ironing out wrinkles. They messed up our times (heard this happened to others), but my facial and massage were excellent!

    All in all, we enjoyed CTI and the SR experience. We met so many people. The entertainment staff there is amazing, especially the girls. Shout outs to Cady and Lady K. We will foundly remember Kirk, Everald, Cady, Kay, Kenesha, Kahleel, Fabian, Ava, Courtney and so many others until we return again. If you're booked and haven't been yet, you'll love it. If you are a regular at CTI (COR), I now understand what you mean about the "amazing staff" there.

    Windsorgirl (Christine)
    Swept Away (07, 08)
    CTI (09)

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    I am So glad your trip was as good as I thought it would be LOL. I love CTI and can't wait to get back!!!

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    We are going to CSA for our fourth trip in a few months and are considering CTI for our trip next year.

    Difficult question -- if you had to choose to go to one of them which would it be and why?

    I love the look of CTI but I'm just such a beach person and feel like I would be disappointed with anything besides the beaches in Negril.

    Any input?
    CSA Junkie! Next trip -- November 28th!

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    Thanks for your review...we will be first timers and getting married there as well. Any pictures to be posted? We arrive in November and can't wait!!

    Stephanie and Peter....St. Thomas, Ontario

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    We are deciding between CSA and CTI. If I am looking for lots of organized activities, sports, tournaments and night time activities, which would be the better resort?

    Thanks for your posting

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    Excellent, detailed review, Windsorgirl. I think the key words in your beginning of your post was trying a different Couples resort "with an open mind". To me, that's the only attitude to have when contemplating trying a different locale, especially when you already love where you've previously stayed.

    Any time I read posts from folks who are asking whether they should try a different resort, but go on about how much they love the one they've previously visited and express doubts about trying another resort, I pretty much advise against it. I would never go to a different place if I am already carrying a negative vibe with me. So I applaud your willingness to give it a shot and it appears you were moer than rewarded for your efforts.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Default Info

    As far as deciding between CSA and CTI, that's a tough one. If the issue is the beach, no issue -- hands down CSA has it. But CTI has so much to offer too. I try not to pick a "favourite" but appreciate them both for the Couples "jewels" they both are. I loved CSA, the atmosphere and the beach BUT I felt very much at 'home' at CTI. It's a close feeling resort where you get to know even more staff and guests. It's fun. Coming down the stairs or elevators each morning to see Kirk, Byron or Everald and continuing on from there to Ulysses for breakfast, and on and on, it's a warm, welcoming, homey environment. CSA layout and beach is beautiful. I love 'em both.

    As far as organized activities, CSA has activities, nightly entertainment + the Aura lounge (a sort of bar/disco that is fun depending on the number of people). CTI has a GREAT entertainment staff and lots going on each day, that is very accessible. They have Dunns River and horse back riding included. They don't have an "Aura Lounge" but they do have nightly entertainment + a DJ that plays after the nightly band is done.

    Hope that helps. We loved them both, for different reasons. Now we seriously contemplating San Souci for March. Keep you posted .. lol.

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    Windsorgirl -

    How full was the resort when you were there? I keep looking at everyone's pictures who have been recently but it doesn't seem to be a lot of people at CTI. It would be nice to have a lot of people there to meet and have fun. But not too many where you have to wait in lines and tripping over people.

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    Default people

    Hi there,
    When we were there is was just as you described it -- lots of people we met, but we didn't have a problem with reservations or with people standing in line. Depending on who you talked to, (management -- exercise personnel, etc.), the resort was between 60 to 80% full. It was just right by us. Hope that helps. :-)
    windsorgirl (Christine)
    Swept Away (07,08)
    CTI (09)

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    That sounds perfect. Those are the rates I was hoping for. We are going the last week of Sept into Oct so I hope we have the same crowd. Thanks for the info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pobbster74 View Post
    We are deciding between CSA and CTI. If I am looking for lots of organized activities, sports, tournaments and night time activities, which would be the better resort?

    Thanks for your posting
    Pobbster, you're setting yourself up for disappointment if you book either and expect to find the above. CTI is far and away my favorite place to vacation and we are soon to return for our third trip but I fear you will be very unhappy there. Go somewhere else, tear it up, have a blast, and Couples will still be here waiting for you when you're ready.

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