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    Default Anyone has issue with traffic noise at CN?

    We just returned from 4 night stay at CN. This is the best vacation ever. The only complain is big noise from the road at night although we have closed all the windows. Anyone has the same issue? We stayed at building #7 which is quite close to the road.

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    Yup !! We were in bldg 4 & had the same problem. Once I closed the bathroom door at night it really helped (since the window in the shower faced the road).

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    We haven't found it a problem. Never even notice over the air conditioner.

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    Default Traffic noise at CN?

    We are currently at CN and staying in the 4 block of rooms. We are near the tennis courts and not too far from the road. We can occasionally hear road noise, but not very much. Most of the noise we hear at night are the tree frogs and the water flowing into the pond.


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    We've stayed in building 7 and not had any problems at all. We've also been in building 1 and 6. We keep our air on at night and close the bathroom windows and do not have any problems with noise.
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    We stayed in building 4 during two different trips to CN and while we noticed the traffic when outside, it was never an issue at night for sleeping. I would request this same building for future trips, that is if room requests were accepted .

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    Never had a problem with the road noise. We were in building #6 ,but had a big problem with the music from the resort next door. I know Couples can't control this, but it was more than just a little loud. I'm not sure witch resort that is now the R resort or maybe the S resort now. Whoever it

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    We just returned last night and were in building one, and found no road noise at all. When we were at Swept Away in November we just could not sleep in our garden room it was so noisy. I have come to the conclusion that it depends on the amount of cars honking as they go by. At Swept Away it was constant honking untill about 2 Am, then it started up again at 5. This time no cars were honking when they passed by at CN.

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    We have stayed on the 2nd floor in Bldgs 8 & 9 at CN, approx. 100ft and 220ft away from the road, and, although my wife is a very light sleeper, we 've never had an issue with the noise. We always have the AC on and the bathroom windows closed at night, so that may have something to do with it. I have also heard coplaints about the music from the resort next door to the south, but we've never had an issue with that either. Must be a hit or miss kind of experience.

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    Nope. Stayed in Bldg 6 and we both slept like logs.

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    I have stayed in building 7 - 8 - 9 at CN and never had an issue. Of course I have the air conditioner on at night and have slept through a tornado that knocked at our windows, but what the hey, does not mean I sleep like a log.

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    Default Building 4 noisy

    We stayed in building 4 in August and yes, yes you hear the road and it's noisy. I wrote comments in our exit survey based on my only complaint. The resort was not full and I don't know why we where placed close to the road when many other better rooms at the same category where available.

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    Both my stays we never had any problems with road noise. Also didn't notice that many planes this year as well. No one in our group complained either. We are getting ready to book the next trip.

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    We have stayed at CN 4X - twice in #4 - once in #3 & - once in #8 ..... I have insomnia so am up off & on all night every night but I have never noticed any road noise at CN during the night .... At the 'S' resort up the road .... I noticed it because of the honking ..... In building #8 - I did notice the noise from the band because we go to bed EARLY but nothing to complain about since it was over by 11:00 or before .........

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