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    Default For those that fly Air Jamaica from Philly.

    Just trying to see if anyone has flown Air Jamaica (6AM flight) from PHL to MBJ on a Saturday and what customs was like at MBJ upon arrival. We had 26 of us in June and we flew on a Monday from Philly with Air Jamaica and where off the plane an at the lounge in 15 minutes. The time before we flew US Airways (9.25AM flight) on a Saturday and were stuck in customs for about 1.5 hrs. We are getting ready to schedule our 2013 trip and trying to figure out waht day we want to leave and come back.


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    I have made the trip from Philly to Jamaica 4 times and flown the Air Jamaica flight you are asking about each time. I definitely was not at customs for 90 minutes any of the times. The times varied, from walking directly up to the window to no more than 30 minutes (usually 15 or less). I highly recommend taking this flight. The only negative part is the earliness of it (really hard for a non-morning person to get up that early), but l0ok at it this's that much earlier that you get to Couples!

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    We are doing this flight in December. Someone on the board recommended staying the night prior at a Philly airport parking with the stay, shuttle to the airport. That will make the early arrival a little bit easier to do. Looking forward to being at the CN pool bar before 11!

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    Trying to figure out if we want to do Saturday to Saturday or some other day of the week. I'm guessing when AJ lands at MBJ it is one of the first flights in no matter what day of the week. I'm fine with coming down in the middle of the week if need be because my days off change every week.

    More then likely I'll be bringing another large group down. My wife and I are giving up our free nights we have from our last trip so we can go with another group. Some people can't justify going back in the amount of time we have our free days for. I wish it was two years and not a year and a half to use them.

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    I made the 6 am flight out of philly 3 times no problem at mobay pretty quick through customs. Twice with AJ. This summer( July) it was taken over by air caribbean the flight was just not the same!

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    As long as everything takes off on time, the 6am flight will get you to MBJ long before many of the other US flights have even taken off. How long you spend at the airport will be determined by customs, bagage handling,where you are sitting on the plane, as well as how many other planes have arrived. That flight will give you a great head start. I think our record is 25 minutes from leaving that plane to making the Couples welcome desk. But everything went right to make that happen. Usually its about 45 minutes.

    In either case you are in Jamaica, and going home to Couples....

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    We have taken this flight 26x; most recently June 2011. we have found that it does not matter what day of the week you arrive since you are usually at Mo Bay Airport by 8:15-8:30 AM. This past June we were in the CN lobby at 9:25 time for Cassava breakfast. Never had a wait of more than 10-15 min at customs...especially with the airport upgrades the recent years....10 1999, 2000, 2001 etc when there were only 2 or 3 agents in non-air conditioned areas yes; there was quite a wait at times.
    We do however try NEVER to depart on a Monday....this is where we have had many "horror srories" to share.
    Hope this help! Safe trip!

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    All, thanks for the replies.

    Captain, we flew the 6AM flight on Monday (June 6th 2011) morning and came back Monday evening. It wasn't too bad. We are looking to book a Saturday to Saturday and I was trying to figure out what customs was like at 8:30AM at MBJ. We did a Saturday to Saturday in 2009 and were stuck in customs for 1.5hrs. We want to avoid that if possible.

    When we flew AJ in June we had a party at my brothers house until the bus we rented picked us up at 2AM. It was nice not to worry about a train of cars to keep watch on and not to have to worry about cars being parked at the airport. The bus was waiting for us on arrival as well.

    With these replies it looks like the group will be booking April 13th through the 20th 2013.

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    Captain~ did you take the flight to Negril or the bus? We're heading back and we're not sure which flight to take from Mobay to Negril.

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