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    Default Counting Down the Days

    I am anxiously counting down the days to December for my first trip to Jamaica and CSA . My husband I have reserved an Ocean View Veranda Suite but I have read that many of the suites view of the ocean are blocked and of guest arriving and not been given the suite selection they paid for upon arrival but later moved. Does anyone have room number suggestions for a room with a view- I am from Kansas so views of the ocean and sand are zero, wheat fields yes but not ocean . Can you request a room number in advance??

    I have read some reviews about the rooms being moldy and infested with ants so I am curious if anyone can give me the real scoop on this? I can't imagine a resort having so many return guest if the rooms are not maintained and pest control issues not resolved.

    Lastly, having never been to Jamaica is it safe to walk the beach during the day? Any recommended activities?

    Thanks so much for any feedback! I am hoping my trip to paradise is an awesome experience like so many of the traveler reviews that I have read.

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    You can't request a room in advance, and once in awhile when the resort sells out to fast and they over book a room style and people have to use another room type. My understanding is that it is usally an upgrade and people are given resort credit. Good news is any room at Couples is a good room.

    We never noticed any mold or dirt in our room, our room was cleaned twice a day. Once durning the day then again at night durning turn down. While you are out some wonderful person will come into your room remake your bed, refill the water pitcher, sweep, straighten towels, close shutters and what ever else is needed. How I wish I could get that here in my house.

    As for ants, we saw some very small ones in our bathroom, not a big deal. Dont leave food or drinks out and your should be fine. And the smallest lizard we have ever seen found its way into our room, very cute. But we didnt see anything that would cause us to worry.

    It is save to walk to beach durning the day, you will be offered just about everything under the sun form vendors, "no thank you" works well, dont say maybe later or I dont have any money right now, cause they will find you or give it to you so you can pay later. Dont be afraid to haggle and have a conversations with people you meet on the beach.

    With so many of us returning year after year to the same resort you know Couples is doing something right. 335 days until we return home.

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    Hi Tkingle66,
    We stayed in an OVS back in 2008 and also expected an "ocean view". My advice is not to expect one and you won't be disappointed. No clue why they named them Ocean Verandah Suites. If you get room 3210 try to change it immediately! Here's a picture of what our view was. The second floor rooms are just about level with the foliage outside and it blocks your view. If you're lucky you'll get an end room either on the ground or third floors. There you'll have the posibility of an ocean view. Since we didn't hang out on the verandah and left the room as soon as we were ready we've booked a Garden Verandah Suite this year. Saved the money and have an ocean view just a short stroll down a beautiful path to the beach. We'll also be there in December, the 3rd - 10th. Go up to the blue border at the top of the page and click on MEETUP and go to the CSA section. There you can post when you'll be there and see who else will be there too.
    Don't worry about the rooms being dirty or infested with ants. Yes you'll be in a tropical environment which breeds mildew, which they keep on top of, and you may get small visitors. We did and house keeping took care of them immediately.
    You can walk the beach safely during the day. We tried to go for a long walk each morning before breakfast. My wife bought a few beach wraps from one of the sales shacks on the beach one afternoon which are not open early in the am. Guards at the ends of the property will ask you for your names and room number so they keep track of you. They also keep annoying sales people off the property too.
    You're going to have a wonderful time in Paradise, aka CSA!
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    Default Just a couple additional questions

    Thank you so much for your feedback. I feel so much better after hearing back from someone who has been there.

    One last question, is this resort credit card only? We use cash as much as possible but I thought I read somewhere that is was a "cash less" resort?

    Are all the places for dinner, reservation only or is it only Feathers? Just read a review on trip advisor and they said all 3 (?) required reservations.

    We travel on December 1st and I can't wait to go spend some time with my hubby in paradise.

    Thanks again- I appreciate your info on the resort.

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    Steve is 100% correct. Monica and I have stayed in the OVS several times but were always lucky enough to get a third floor room. We had good views but we also didnt spend much time in our room. Never had any problems with cleanliness, mold, ants, etc... The staff at CSA are outstanding and will go out of their way to ensure that your stay is everything that you expect it to be. You will get ants if you leave food out or try to feed the birds from your verandah.

    Come on over to the December 2011 meetup thread, and tell us a little about yourselves (when you are arriving etc...). I'll add you to the list and you will get to know some of the great group that will be in CSA during your stay.

    Doing the double-digit dance!!!!

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Couples is, indeed, cashless. What that means is that you pay for everything with your room key. On checkin, you will need to provide a deposit ($300?) or a credit card. The gift shops will know who you are and what your line of credit looks like (card or cash). You will settle up on departure, but I'm not sure what happens if you can't cover your expenses (not a good thing, so be sure you're covered).

    As for restaurants, Feathers and Lemon Grass require reservations. We have recently had a posting here indicating that Patois Patio also requires reservations during some parts of the year so that they can manage their staffing requirements at low season. You will not have problems getting a table.


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    Thanks for the wonderful feedback. My husband and I will be there the 1 - 9th so maybe we will have an opportunity to meet.

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