I am anxiously counting down the days to December for my first trip to Jamaica and CSA . My husband I have reserved an Ocean View Veranda Suite but I have read that many of the suites view of the ocean are blocked and of guest arriving and not been given the suite selection they paid for upon arrival but later moved. Does anyone have room number suggestions for a room with a view- I am from Kansas so views of the ocean and sand are zero, wheat fields yes but not ocean . Can you request a room number in advance??

I have read some reviews about the rooms being moldy and infested with ants so I am curious if anyone can give me the real scoop on this? I can't imagine a resort having so many return guest if the rooms are not maintained and pest control issues not resolved.

Lastly, having never been to Jamaica is it safe to walk the beach during the day? Any recommended activities?

Thanks so much for any feedback! I am hoping my trip to paradise is an awesome experience like so many of the traveler reviews that I have read.