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    Default I Did It Today!!!!!!

    Yes, I did, did it today in fact, procrastinated long enough, so long I almost forgot, but today I did it.

    After talking to family and friends about what a great place Jamaica, and most particular, Coupes is, and the fact we would like them to share with us our 40th wedding anniversary I made the reservations today.

    Only like, 419 days until we will descend upon Couples Swept Away for the first time. My best friend and his wife, and a brother - in - law and his wife are also going. Several other couples have yet to commit 100% but I thought this would make them do it also.

    I am not fretting over the length of time. We have only 169 days until our 4th trip to Couples Negril, our Jamaican home. Why the switch? My wife wanted to try Swept Away, so we decided for our 40th that would be a great time to do it. We visited their on a trading places so we are familiar with the grounds and layout, and we did like except for the size. With other couples going, it will be fun, but I know I will miss, and the reason we keep going to Negril, Paul Tucker and the sing - a - longs at the Piano bar.

    Anyway, yes I did it, and proud of it.

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    You'll have to check out Ultimate Chocolate! Congr ats,wish we had a trip planned. I hope you love CSA as much as we do.

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