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    Default Usually go to CSA - contemplating CTI....

    We have only been to CSA and we LOVE it. A friend who has stayed at Tower Isle said we should give it a try....fill me in on the beach, the fun, the atmosphere. We love snorkeling, the catamaran cruise and the beach at Swept Away....can you just walk right into the water at TI or are there pebbles, rocks, coral? I know the service and friendly workers will be there...convince us to come to TI people!!!!

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    If you love a big beach, CSA, is your place.
    Irie Mon

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    Let all the reviews from happy people here on the message board convince you. CSA and CTI couldnt be more different. If the beach is big for you, then you will likely be disappointed with CTI's beach. You can walk right in, the sand is soft at CTI but its not the same as it is a man made beach. no rocks pebbles coral. We love the view. We love the service. We love the Island. We love the fact it doesn't take ten minutes to get from one side of the resort to the other. We love the south beach modern feel to the renovations. We love that there aren't many rooms but many dining choices, swimming choices and bar choices. It's a great place for options. And we love our fellow like minded campers. The staff that becomes family, our friends that we keep making, and feeling like the most special couple in the place, is what keeps us coming back.
    Oh! and the Island. We heart the Island!

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