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    My fiance and I are planning to honeymoon at a couples resort in August 2012, but we can decide between CTI or CSA. Can you repeat guest please give us a rundown of the pros/cons of each resort, just looking for an insiders input!

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    Let me start off by saying - I haven't been to Couples before - BUT I have done hours and hours and HOURS of research of the 4 hotels and read hundreds of posts about all of them. So all that being said - my husband and I have decided on CSA for our 2nd anniversary in August 2012 (we'll be there the 12-19). We chose CSA because of the larger beach with better sand, having Negril right there for shopping and exploring, having the option of a beach front room and the amazing sports complex.

    So as everyone says - whichever you pick you'll be thrilled and will have a great time - but as someone in a somewhat similar position as you trying to decide for the first time - I say CSA

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    Hi hschneid welcome to the Couples family! You've made a good choice to hold your honeymoon at any of the Couples resorts. Our first trip to Couples was to CTI because we wanted to climb Dunns River Falls just in case we never made it back to Jamaica again. We really enjoyed that trip so we needed another Couples fix. Our second trip was to CSA which is now our new vacation home. We're headed back to CSA in 100 days, but who's counting. There are different feels to the two resorts. CTI has more of a modern hotel feel with most of the restaurants near each other and it's on a small beach. CSA is more rustic and spread out on the grounds. It is also on 7 mile beach where you can walk for hours if you want to. One of the advantages of CSA is the sports/spa complex across the street which is the best at any resort we've ever stayed. You will get awesome food and a wonderful staff at both so my advice is to look at the pictures and see which resort "calls out to you" and go with it. As a matter of fact a young couple we know just got back from CTI and they loved it. So just make the call, don't look back and enjoy your time in Paradise!

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    I have been to both. It really depends on what you are looking for. If you want the most beautiful beach you will ever see, then go with CSA. If you want a small, hotel-like resort with an all nude option, then go CTI. Personally me and my husband love CSA. We only went to CTI because a tropical storm had flooded CSA and we got diverted to CTI. CTI was just too modern and really didn't have much of a romantic vibe. At CSA the property is spread out and tropical and super beautiful. The beach has fine white sand and crystal clear blue water. There are tons of bar and food options and the rooms are classic Caribbean with lots of wood and white linens.

    You should really just keep looking at pictures of the both resorts and read lots of reviews. You shouldn't just go to CTI for the excursions that are included because you want where you're staying to be what you want, not what they offer free for day trips. Plus, there is plenty to do at CSA without having to leave the resort for a day. And, you can wander the beach both to the left and right at CSA and really get a feel for the local flavor.

    Just keep looking at pics and reading reviews and then one will stick out to you. Pick that one. Good luck and congrats on the upcoming marriage.

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    In my opinion CSA and CTI are the most different from each other of any of the Couples Resorts. But the good thing is they are both great!
    Our first trip was a split between CTI(COR then) and CSA. I cried when it was time to leave CTI and was already planning my trip back and just hoped that CSA would half as good. Well...we haven't returned to CTI(hope to someday)... but we are booked for our 8th and 9th trip back to CSA!. So.. the point of this post is you can't make a bad choice. Chances are you'll love whichever one you choose. We'd probably be going back to CTI for the 8th time if we hadn't gone to CSA.
    But you asked for pros and cons so I"ll try to do a little list of what MY pros and cons are. Everyone has different priorities.

    PROS~ early mornings and late evenings on my oceanfront balcony in the main building.
    staff and service.
    first view from lobby out to the island
    pastries and fruit
    CONS~beach not as nice and water not as clear as Negril
    feeling a bit confined on the propety

    PROS~amazing beach/clear calm water
    freedom to walk for miles and experience rest of Negril.Proximity to cliffs
    my Atrium Suite
    layout of property
    choice of restaurants
    choice of nightlife
    feeling of total relaxation when I"m there. no need for shoes most of the time.
    DISLIKES~ none
    But as I said, your priorities may be different than mine. Look at pictures, read what others have to say then pick one and have a great time. I'm sure you will!

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    I am sure any Couples resort will be great, but for all its worth, I know from a reliable source that the weather is better on the Ocho Rios side in the summer, and its better in Negril in the winter.

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    CSA is the best for your honeymoon with Nine mile beach and lots to do outside the resort.
    Irie Mon

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    We booked CSA and we leave tomorrow. We are staying in the Atruim Suites, is anyone willing to give us their favorite room/building number to request?

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