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    Default Hurricane, How is it affecting CSA now?

    How is the Hurricane affecting CSA now? We leave for CSA on September 10th and stay 7 nights, so we are watching the weather. We have been to CSA two times and always in May, so this is the first time we have been in Hurricane season. I am a little worried

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    As far as Jamaica is concerned, Irene was nearly a full "whiff"... it may have brought some rain to the northeast quadrant of the island, but based on its track so far, it hasn't had any affect whatever on the island itself.

    As the week progresses, it may cause some travel delays for folks trying to fly in or out of places like Raleigh, Charlotte, Baltimore, Philladelphia, New York and Boston. As for your stay, this particular storm will be long gone by the time Sept 10 rolls around, with no affect whatever. Relax.

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    Not affecting us at all. Weather is great.

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    We are at Couples Negril right now and are having beautiful weather. A 2 minute shower this morning and nothing but sunshine since.

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    Hurricane Irene missed Jamaica if that's the one you're referring to.

    A great site for tracking hurricanes is

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    I think Irene totally missed Jamaica. A friend of mine just posted on FB about his private beach dinner at CN last night.

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    Hi fortunatly Irene has moved north and east of our home island. It is unfortunate for those in her path I wish them my best for more info on whats going on with tropical depressions and hurricanes visit
    Best of luck on your holiday but they don't call it hurricane season cause it only gets a little breezzy. mc

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    A big thank you to the Couples Family currently in Jamaica who have responded to this inquiry and relaxed those of us who will soon arrive...Like me in 2 days!...Thanks again Wesmon and Jerseygal!

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    Thanks everyone

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    It did not affect Jamaica but its having its presence be known her in New Jersey!!!!

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