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    Help! we booked CN for next week and I'm starting to doubt all our decisions - from the choice of hotel to the time of the year (RAIN???)
    Just need some reassurance from all of you who have been and LOVE it there!
    We upgraded to Deluxe Ocean View - should we request a certain building? Has the whole hotel been remodeled or only part or it?
    Advice on meals is also gladly taken!
    Thank you!

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    You absolutely made the right decision. The only thing I would worry about is how bummed out you're gonna be to leave! If this is your first Couples experience, it will always be one of the best experiences you've ever had at any resort.

    Rooms: The Deluxe Ocean rooms are nice and it doesn't matter which one you're in. Although, Buildings 6 & 7 are closer to the center of the property, where most of the activities (food, pool, etc) are, but we've stayed in 8 & 9 and both buildings were great.

    Food: You will hear all sorts of opinions on the food, but the one thing I can guarantee is that the food is way better than what you'll get at most other all-inclusives and there is such a variety that you will find many things you like at every meal. Our biggest complaint about the food is that with the morning and afternoon dive schedules, we almost always have to eat lunch at the Beach Grill, but that's not really even a complaint, because the Beach Grill has some great choices. We have never had a bad meal at CN.

    Remodel: We've been there in 2007 and 2010 and the rooms were the same, but these are awesome tropical rooms and when people talk badly about the rooms, I can't relate, because they are perfect for the atmosphere of the resort. They did rebuild part of the Beach Grill deck when we were there last Nov.

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    We leave next week for our 7th fall trip to CN. Its our favorite time to go. We like it hot but a little rain in the afternoons offers a nice break. Its a little cooler in the winter and more crowded, even then it doesn't seem crowded at all. We have great friends that we met at CN at this time and always look forward to seeing them again, as we will soon. So, no reason to second guess, in our opinion. We do get trip insurance just in case, but we have never had to use it, Have a great time. We arrive on the 4th after 3 nights at CSS, maybe we'll see you there.

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    CN is by far the best resort in the world!
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    You've positively made the right decision. You are going to go home and tell everyone that you've just experienced the best vacation in your life!! We've been to CN 4 time during late summer and as Gary/Patti said, if you do get an afternoon shower it's very refreshing. The rooms are lovely, the is wonderful and the resort is beautiful. My only advice is pay no attention to negative comments you may see on trip advisor (there are some people in the world that you just can't please no matter what) We're returning for our 5th trip in January!!! Enjoy and NO WORRIES
    Even in the rain you can find something to do and the resort is beautiful!!!
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    Thank you everyone!!!!!
    We really appreciate your input! Getting excited!

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    Think of your 1st trip as a learning experience for future trips to CN. Our 1st trip to CN we were in building 6, which we loved but its next to the pool and the main restaurant. More noise than we wanted early in the morning. We now request a building by the spa area.
    The food is out of this world! And the bartenders are the best ever...Hummingbirds, Miami Vice, Vodka lemonade Or just say surprise me and you'll get a great new drink.
    If you've ever wanted to Scuba ask for "Sugar" He really makes the dive a great experience.
    Have fun!!

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    Don' worry mon, be happy. U made right choice, u will like a little liquid sunshine, and u will have a wonderful time mon. soon come

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    Dont worry a bit about your descision. We only made one mistake in choosing CN,,,Only staying 4 days our first trip...We've never made that mistake again. Looking forward to our 5th trip back this New Years eve. our first New Years trip to CN.....and we're bringing " first timer" friends.

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    cn is wonderful
    you will get rain it is the tropic and the rainy season
    if you don't take advantage of cn's AN beach you are missing out on what separates CN from all the competition in Negril

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