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    Default Saturday Catamaran Cruise CTI

    Hi! Just wondering if CTI does the catamaran cruise on Saturday. I'm getting married at 11am and thought it would be really cool to take our party on the cruise and maybe get a picture of me and my new hubby jumping off the boat into the ocean in our wedding clothes.

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    It's been a few years since we were at CTI, but I seem to remember that they ran on weekdays but not weekends. You will need a recent visitor to confirm.

    I also thought that only Couples CTI guests were allowed on the catamaran so if your guests are staying elsewhere, they cannot go on the cruise. I recommend asking your wedding coordinator as they should know the "official" policy.

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    Thanks for the info. Maybe I'll email Sharon about it.

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    We here at CTI now and have a Saturday reservation for the cat cruise. Be sure to reserve well in advance since the available spaces fill quickly. Sounds like a fun idea!

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    Good idea to contact your WC. The schedule may change depending on the time of year. We did the cat cruise on our wedding day (at CSA) with our guests (all staying at CSA) and it was a lot of fun. We didn't wear our wedding clothes though. That would make for some fun photos. I found it too hot and I was anxious to get out of my dress. We brought just married t-shirts from home and wore those with swim suits. Congrats, and have fun on your day!

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    Thanks Liquid! Do I have to wait until I get there to reserve this?

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    Jamaicamerazy: the wedding shirt idea sounds cool too. I bought a shirt from that says 'this is my wedding Dave' instead of 'this is my wedding day' its a bit dorky but I liked it. I'll probably bring it with me to Jamaica but still really want to do the whole dress on the boat thing :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave&Jessica View Post
    Thanks Liquid! Do I have to wait until I get there to reserve this?
    I'd try to reserve ahead of time with your coordinator, if possible. Last week the trips filled up and some had to settle for their second choice of days.

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    we were just there 23rd through 30th. The cruises are Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at 3pm.

    BOOK as soon as you can. We were on a long wait list but were very lucky to get added to the Saturday cruise!

    TAKE GOGGLES with you!!!

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    we booked late Friday for the saturday cruise last week... we were told we were at the end of a long waiting list, but made it on the boat... I'm almost sure if you tell them it's part of your wedding plans they will find a way to make it happen for you... mention it to your wedding planner and they'll probably sort you out they actually moved us off the waiting list onto the confirmed list because we said we would not be there for he wednesday option... granted the resort was not full in August, i'm thinking if it's a special wedding request, you'll be accomodated would be awesome if you could get the photographer (or a good photographer) on with you

    enjoy and congrats

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    OK great advice! I haven't been able to talk to my coordinator at CTI yet but maybe I'll email Debbie about it.

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    except for spa reservations, nothing can be reserved until you are at the resort.

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    It looks like they will be able to reserve us seats before we get there. Thanks for the help guys!

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