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Thread: July 2012

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    Default July 2012

    We are now less than a year away from going home!!! It will have been FIVE long years (way too long) since our last visit. We have three other couples joining us. We are lucky enough to go for two weeks, while our friends are heading there for one week each. We will be there from 7-7-12 until 7-21-12. I will be in the pool everyday playing volleyball (and drinking) while the wife does her scuba diving daily. Looking forward to meeting new friends while we are there. My countdown app has it at 318 days..... and counting!!!

    Casey & Gloria

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    Hi c1lafan We are heading back to CN for our 5th trip, July 12th-21st. We believe that the resort will be better than you remember. Each year it seems to get better.

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    I am sure it will be amazing!! The wife and I talk about the trip each time we see an airplane in the sky. We live 5 minutes from the San Jose airport and so we get to talk about it a lot! We booked our trip back in March and so it is nice to be down to less than a year until we get to return home. Each time I visit this message board, I get more and more excited. Hurry clock hurry. 310 days and counting!!!

    Casey Gloria

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    Default No one else is going to be there??

    Just bringing this thread back towards the top. I am a little surprised there have been no others responses to July of next year. Either way, just a little over 9 months until the wife and I make it back home....

    Casey Gloria

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    Yes we agree, We probably be changing our date to July 5th -14th. So we are looking at 258 days!!! We are also talking with 3 other couples that were at CN in July, they are hoping for a good Wednesday special so they can book, but we see that after November 1st the 2012 rates will probably going up.

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    we will be "home" at CN July 3rd-July 7th for our five year anniversary. We are doing split trip this time CTI June 30th-July 3rd and CN July 3rd-7th. :-)

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    We are hoping to be at CN for the first time June 29 - July 6. Our 5th trip to Jamaica...others have been at CTI and CSS. Hope to meet others on the message board before we get there.

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    Mark and Jen, it looks like we will be there the same time as you at CN. We were booked a split trip but not just CN once I realized 3 1/2 hours from CTI to CN. But we will be back "home" June 30th - July 7th. Hope to meet ya'll there :-)

    Devan and Amy

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    Anyone planning to be there the week of July 23? We visited CN for the first time last August, made some awesome friends and have been talking about it ever since! We are bringing our best friends with us this year. Can't wait to "come home" and meet even more new friends!

    Lorraine and Russell, Fort Worth TX

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    The countdown is down to 120 days.... DAMOS, we will be one day into our vacation by the time you get there, so we will buy (order) your drinks for you and have them waiting at the bar for you when you arrive.... The eight of us coming in on the 7th are from California and so you should be able to recognize us by our accents....
    In case this doesn't work, just look for my "cat" tattoos, as I will be in the pool playing volleyball, or in the pool at the bar, or at the bar getting ready to head to the pool...
    Not too long and the countdown will be in the double digit range....


    Casey Gloria

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    My wife and I are also returning to CN June 29th - July 6th. We have been to CSS and CTI before as
    well as CN. We should land at MBJ about 12:30 PM. Any interest in sharing a plane from MBJ to
    Negril. We have done this before. The views are great and it is a 12 minute plane ride verses the 1.5 hour bus ride.
    Dave & Ginger

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    Hi MarkandJen, we are heading to CN for out 5th trip 230 days away !!!

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    On Sunday our countdown clocks will read 200 days!!!

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    We'll be at CN from July 2 - July 11th. It'll be our honeymoon, our 3rd trip to CN and my fiance's birthday on the 6th!

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    UpstateNYer, we will be there at the same time as you. There are four couples coming in on the 7th, and so we will have to buy your fiance' a belated birthday drink!! We are coming from California. My countdown says 187 days as of today. Hurry calender, hurry.... I look forward to meeting and congratulating you...

    Casey Gloria

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    Hey C1lafan,

    We would love to meet up with you all. We will be arriving on the afternoon of 07/08 and we leave on the 14th. Would love to connect with you all and have a drink or to. My brother will buy. :-) Or order....

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    We are at the 6 months to go mark!!! Can hardly wait to get back home.

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    Getting ready to book July 7-15...................... airfare finally went down. Cheapest it's been for us in the last 6 years....

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    Finally!!! We just booked for July 7-15!!! Let the countdown begin!!! I know - we will miss lobster night on the 6th - REALLY good friends would figure out a way for me to get lobster on Saturday night!!!!!

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    Cands... We are still waiting for our flights to drop... We are coming from California and so our flight costs are close to our booking costs.... Fortunately we booked our trip last year and so we will be going no matter what... lol, although, cheaper flights would be nice!!! Missing lobster night on the 6th is a bummer, but it just means my appetite for lobster by the next Friday will be insane!!! My countdown clock now reads 175 days, 19 hours, 4 minutes, 6...5...4... seconds.... HURRRRRRRY clock, HURRRRRRYYYYYY.... until we get there of course, and then time needs to stand still.... patiently (sort of) waiting to head home...



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    Hey Cands,

    we will all be there during the same time. We should all get together. The Moreno brothers. I believe we get in the afternoon of the 8th. Should be fun!

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    Great to see the July group getting together again. We are booked July 6 - 14. 173 days to go! Cands, we all feel badly about you missing the first lobster night. In you honor, we might have to order something different for dinner.

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    Hoping to book July 2-8 for our second trip to CN... Amazing price the other day but unfortunately didnt book it! Have to keep checking!

    Erin & Jeff from Indiana

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    Chuck and Mary from Chicago will be arriving July 15 for a week. Will be second visit. Also arriving with two sets of friends. Can't wait. See you there.

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    Default Can't wait

    Nick and I will arrive on July 3rd, having come from 5 days at CTI. We will be at CN until the 8th. We are so excited to see both sides of the island and the two most special resorts on this 15th anniversary trip!! See all of you at the pool bar!

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