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    Hello my fiance and I will be at CTI in a couples weeks for our honeymoon. Will anyone and everyone share your thoughts about the Do's and Dont's, Must sees, or tips to make our trip extra special?


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    We have been twice & just booked our 3rd trip. Needless today, I frequent the message board alot after we book because I'm so excited.

    Do: Take the tour of the resort...we never did either time & didn't know little details like where the activity board is so we never knew what was going on during the day & night except through hearsay.

    Do: try all the restaurants & the buffet if you can. They are all so different & the food is fantastic. Some of my favorties: the calamari, ice cream, jerk chicken & pork @ the grill, the fruit juice of the day @ the veggie day it was h20 melon juice, I drank like 7 glasses of it. The appetizer platter @ the Asian restaurant, this time when I go, I am going to order one for me & one for my boyfriend...Gala night @ the buffet, I felt spoiled rotten eating that night. Also, the steak & salad @ 8 rivers.

    Do: try the hot tubs @ night, you might have them all to yourself.
    Do: see the steel drummers, & the beach party entertainment
    Do: try the chocolate croissants, I ate 3 (they are kind of small) on my way to the airport going home

    Do: partake in some of the free excursions they offer. We have visited 4 other resorts in Jamaica, they do not have free shuttles to downtown Ocho Rios & Island village, Free shuttle & entrance into Margaritaville, free Dunn's river, free catamaran cruise with tasty rum punch, free scuba

    Also, I think they have good champagne, & a very friendly & helpful staff

    I have no don'ts, its your vacation!

    One love

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    I'd also suggest signing up ahead of time for Romance Rewards and thus have at least the option of doing a trading places with CSS for a day. (You may decide not to go, but at least then it's up to you.)

    I'd also say Dunn's Rivers is a must-do if you've not been before. Ask the concierge if there's a day when a cruise ship is not in port (to avoid crowds), perhaps purchase water shoes ahead of time (cheap, cheap, cheap at Wal-Mart or the like), and try to remember to exit the Falls through the entrance (so you're not herded into the craft market and can avoid the high-pressure vendors).

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