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    Hi my wife and I are going to Jamaica next month. We would like to no which resort is the best for taking walks on the beach and tanning nude. Our main thing is the beach we spend most of our time at the beach. Any help would be great.

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    Couples Negril. Couples Swept Away does not allow nude sunbathing. CTI has the nude island, and CSS has a nude private beach, but does not allow the long walks on the beach.

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    If beach and an tanning is most important, then Couples Negril would be best.

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    Well, if your main thing is walking the beach... then SweptAway is the real deal... but there is no AN area there.

    I'm also wondering what makes you think that you have a chance at booking a room a month out? I'm not saying its impossible, because its not. It DOES seem rather unusual.

    Good luck!

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    Long walks on the beach AND nude sunbathing leaves you with Couples Negril. You can walk CN's beach as well as the beaches of a couple nearby resorts and they have a AN beach for nude tanning. CSA, while it is part of a much longer beach, does not have the AN option.

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    Then Couples Negril is your only choice. The two Couples resorts on the Ocho Rios side have very small, private beaches. CSA has a beautfill walking beach (5 miles), but no nude area, Couples Negril is on Bloody Bay, which has a 2 mile beach to walk and has a nude breach and swimming area.
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    Hi mywifeandi,
    Sounds like you want CN. CSA and CN have the best beaches (Negril) but CSA doesn't have an AN section. Ochos Rios is beautiful, but not known for its beaches.
    I hope that helps!

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    Thanks everyone, also Chris there is still plenty of rooms available at all the couple resorts for September just checked with our travel agent.

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