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    Default CSA in-room safe

    We were thinking of bringing a laptop to watch movies on the plane to CSA in 4 weeks and was interest in knowing if the in-room safe would fit a standard size laptop. If I remember correctly from last year, they probably will not. Anyone have dimensions or have you put your laptop in the safe before?

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    Safe is to small for a laptop to fit, but we just put our laptop in its bag and it was fine.

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    Hi beach,
    The safes are pretty large, but it won't fit a laptop. We always bring a laptop with us and have never had an issue leaving it out in our room.
    I hope that helps,

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    I'm not sure what the standard size is anymore since there are so many options. My 17" macbook pro would not even come close to fit and my husband's 15" laptop would surely not fit either. My netbook probably would though.

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    We usually bring our netbook so we can skype etc., the net book fits in the safe to the best of my recollecton.

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    Hubby put movies on his itouch or nook...much easier to transport.

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    We've been to CSA 4 times, 5th trip in 48 days!!! But, hey, who's counting?
    We are divers & have a couple of expensive underwater cameras & a lot of very expensive equipment...we also always bring a laptop with us so we can download pictures from our dives quickly. We always put our wallets & passports in the safe, but have never had any issue with any of our expensive dive equipment, cameras, or laptop being touched.
    The safe isn't big enough to put in a standard laptop, but you could put in a tablet.

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