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    We would like to thank everyone who helped with our questions and concerns before our fabulous stay at CSA. Below is our review that is posted on Tripadvisor:

    Let me start off by saying thank you to all who helped me with questions and information concerning Negril and CSA. I hope that I can be of some help to someone else in writing this review.

    AIRPORT: We arrived at 10:30 am on a Monday. We waited approximatley 45 minutes in the custums line before heading off to the Couples lounge. We waited in the Couples lounge about a half an hour before getting on our mini bus. No worries there was plenty of Red Stripe and water while we waited.

    BUS RIDE TO CSA: My wife thought it was a little crazy but I had no worries (maybe it was the Red Stripe calming my nerves). The ride itself took about an hour and a half, and that was with a 15 minute pit stop. The bus arrived safley at CSA and we tipped the driver the standard $10. It was a decent opportunity to see the country side on one side of the bus and the Sea on the otherside.

    CSA CHECK-IN: This was quick. We checked in and were in our rooms within a half an hour of arriving. From the moment we stepped off the bus we were treated very nicely with towels and champaigne.

    ROOM: We stayed in a Garden Suite. Our room was different than the others in this section as we didnt have a big balcony, only room enough for 1 chair. But the mini bar and tv made up for it. The room was always cleaned and the fridge always restocked. The room is nothing fancay but it did the trick. No complaints at all....well....except for the road noise. We were there during ATI so it was a little hectic.....I can see why some people were/are upset about the road noise....but for us it was no problem mon.

    BEACH: Unbelievable......the best beach we have ever been to. It blows away Montego Bay hands down. This is why we decided on Negril....for the beach. And it didnt dissappoint. CSA sits on perhaps the most desireable section of beach in Negril. CSA's beach is very long and spacious. We never felt crowded nor had to fight for shade or beach chairs for our entire 7 night stay. The beach vendors are not a problem. A simple "no thanks" always worked and there were never any hassels.

    BEACH BARS: There are 2 beach bars under a thatched roofs. The service at these bars was excellent. We never had to wait more than a minute or 2 to get drinks. The bar tenders here were super nice.....a special shout out to Kaedene and Roan. everyday they have a "Drink of the day". I was sure to try the drink of the day at least 5 times a day. If you didnt feel like getting up off the beach chair for a drink you could always stick the flag in the sand and they would bring the drink to you. No worries.


    CABANA GRILL: This was the one we liked the least. The food was ok at best. The best part of this place was that it was open until 5 am. It was good enough for us after a night of drinking and whatnot at the night club.

    SEA GRAPE: We loved this place for lunch. Fish tacos were delicious....the chips with dip....the potato salads and the fish sandwich were all excellent as well.They also serve ice coffee wich was perfect for a pick me up in the afternoon. Roxanne was sooo nice and really took care of us.

    THE PALMS: This place was pretty decent for a quick meal....we had breakfast,lunch and dinner here and never had a bad meal. This is a buffett style restaurant. The buffett had plenty of choices to choose from. The Palms held nightly entertainment 5 out of the 7 nights we were there.

    PATOIS PATIO: We had breakfast here once. The bannana stuffed french toast is awesome. We also ate dinner here once which was very good. The food quality was the same as The Palms. Good but nothing to brag about. We didnt leave the table hungry or unsatisfied. The service was also pretty good.

    FEATHERS: An excellent meal in an air conditioned dining room. Ladies may want to bring a light sweater. We made reservations to eat here twice and on both occassions we recieved an excellent meal with great service. I would have loved to try everything on the menu but couldnt. Although I did sample a lot (my wife let me finsh what she couldnt). All of the food was top quality and they gave you more than enough.

    LEMONGRASS: This place hit the mark as well. Again, we ate here twice and both times were out of this world. The 1st night we ate here we had Jermaine as our waiter....we liked him so much that we requested him for our second night. If I were to do it over again I would make reservations for Lemongrass and Feathers for every night. Nothing against The Palms or Patois Patio but the reservations required reataurants just blew them away.

    NIGHTLY ENTERTAINMENT: Every night was a diffirent theme. Beach night one night where they have the food and entertainment on the beach.....another night they have a bon fire on the beach....another night is the staff/guest talent was all good.Garret does an awesome job at making all feel welcome.

    AURA NIGHT CLUB: After the entertainment on the other side of the resort is over (11pm) the party continues at the night club and it dont stop until the last person me....we were the last people to leave on a couple of occasions...3-4 am.

    SPORTS COMPLEX: This has got to be one of the best kept secrets of the resort. The gym is comparable to most gyms in the states. With the only exception being that it's an open air gym. So if you like to lift get there early before it gets too hot. The gym has a large array of machines (weights not belts) and plenty of free weights and benches along with treadmils. A water to go along with your workout. There is also an air conditioned yoga/cardio class room next to the gym. The 2 indoor squash courts and the 2 raqeutball courts are also next to the gym alongside the large (olympic?) lap pool. 20 tennis courts 10 of them are clay....yes I did say 20. Also in the complex is the sports bar that boasts a large flatscreen that always has ESPN on. The bar does not serve the hard stuff but they do serve bottled Guiness and Red Stripe on tap. They serve Vitamin Water....infused water (cucumber/strawberry/watermelon were the falvors I noticed). They also serve a large selection of smoothies...I had the bannana smoothies and the papaya smoothies....yum.
    They have a pool table and a ping pong table here as well. The Spa is also in this area and I must say I enjoyed the Couple massage and my wife enjoyed the facial and maicure/pedicure as well. If you do opt for the spa you must not miss the Buddah Pool....relaxation at it's best.

    SNORKELING: Eh.....not so good. We only went once but we were dissappointed in the lack of life....the water activities guys were good and the lack of life is not their fault. I hope the reef grows back.

    CATAMARAN CRUISE: What a great time. They take you around to the cliffs while entertaining you and serving Red Stripe and Rum Punch. The boat stops so that you can dive into the sea and swim to the cave. My suggestion would be to utilize the life jackets as a floation device as the cave is further than it looks and water and alcohol are not a good combination.

    MARTINI BAR: This was a must do for me before dinner every night. Kurt the bartender is the man.

    BREAKFAST IN BED: I almost forgot about this. This was a great service. You can fill out your breakfast card and have them deliever your breakfast to your room at the time you request....take advantage of coofee in the morning with cereal and a pastry or 2.

    STAFF: They make this place special and make it what it is. I really hope and would like to believe that the Couples Company takes care of them and compensates them accordingly. Garret....Oniel....Jermaine....Natasha.....Roan... .Kaedene....Kurt.....Roxeanna all were execellent and made us feel like part of the family....there are more staff like the maid and the guy that constantly filled our fridge and the cooks as well. Like I said....these people make the place it is.

    I dont understand why there was no Red Stripe and ony Caribe(5.3% alc) in our and everyone else's fridge and why there was no bottled Red Stripe anywhere.....but oh well....I just found that a little puzzeling.

    We did meet a lot of nice couples that were staying at CSA and had a blast. We have stayed at another AI Resort in Montego Bay but we preferrred CSA hands down and would reccomend to anyone going to Jamaica that they go to CSA Negril.

    I hope that this review helps and if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

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    What a wonderful review. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us.

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    Glad you had a great time, but it must have been a Garden verandah suite if you had a fridge, minibar and tv, just so you don't confuse newbies!

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    How was ATI did you venture out and take in any of the parties?

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    Great review! Thanks!!

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    Thanks for the great review. My bf and I are going to CSA for the first time (150 days to go!!) and we booked a GVS. After reading your comment about the balcony only having room for 1 chair, I'm concerned. I thought all the GVSs had large balconies with a chair,couch, and table. I want to be able to relax there in the early mornings or afternoon after a day at the beach. Can someone tell me if there are balconies smaller than others and if I want the larger balcony, which room type should I request upon check in? Thanks

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    Thanks for the review, it was very informative! I copied it out to a message board on Facebook, just so the folks going the week we are going can read it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazzygirl View Post
    After reading your comment about the balcony only having room for 1 chair, I'm concerned. I thought all the GVSs had large balconies with a chair,couch, and table.

    read the review again. Theeir room was a "Garden Suite" and not a "Garden Verandah Suite". They are two different room categories in two different locations and different room/balcony layouts. The Garden Veranda Suites do have chair, couch and table.

    I suggest that you double check the room category that you reserved.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Thanks for your wonderful review. Did you go to Couples Negril while you were there. We are headed to CSA in November.

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    Great review & thanks!
    We are headed on our first trip, which will be CSA.

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    Just to clear up the issue on the GVS or the Garden Suite.....we had the Garden Suite....the building that is attached to the Palms......I think the reason we had the mini bar and tv was because we were the only room without a true balcony.

    We did not venture out to ATI....we opted to just chill on the resort and for 7 days we did not feel the need to leave the resort....the beach gravity really took hold of us......or mabe it was the drink of the day....hahahah.....but as you can see we had a blast and would recommend anyone to this wonderful resort.

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    WOW You could consider writing for Travel & Leisure, welcome to the Coupleholics Family. Have you started to plan your next Couple's Resort to review?

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