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    Default Flights from DFW?

    In '10 we flew US Airways from DFW to Charlotte, then to MB. I was wondering if there are better experiences had or if others had better ideas/prices. We booked our flights and resort stay from the Couples website.

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    We flew directly from DFW to MBJ in April of 2010. Maybe you could find a direct flight.

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    We have flown directly from DFW to MoBay in the past, American Airlines. Don't know if those flights are still there or not.

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    We fly straight non stop Americam Airlines when we go

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    Default DFW Flights

    Depending on when you are going....

    AirTran has a good morning flight.

    American has a direct flight on certain days, but $$$$

    Delta ATL-MBJ.

    Prices have been all over the place this year.

    Good Luck.

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    American Airlines flys nonstop on weekends and on some Fridays and Mondays. The nonstop typically leaves around 10 to 10:30 and arrives by 2 to 3 pm. The cost is typically about the same as AirTran or only slightly more. If it is not a nonstop they connect thru Miami.

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    I guess I've been lucky. I always fly American nonstop from DFW to MBJ. Fares I've paid are often cheaper than the likes of other 1-stop (or worse yet multi-stop) flights. This year was a bit different though. I think we paid $20 extra per person round trip to go nonstop on American (for next April).

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    American Airlines used to fly non-stop from DFW to MBJ and from MBJ to DFW daily. Now they just have non-stop flights on Friday through Monday. It's always the same schedule.

    Depart: 10:30 am
    Arrive: 2:10 pm

    Depart: 3:35pm
    Arrive: 7:30pm
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    Thanks Jeffmon, Think we will opt for the earlier flight if possible. If not we can still get there thru other means. Didnt have a bad experience last time with US Airways, except we got held over in Charlotte for the night because the plane came in with a shattered windshield ( on the way home). Would be great to get there in one fell swoop though. Cause everyone knows it takes WAY too long to get back to Couples. Thanks all for the Info... See you summer 2012!

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