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    Default Please dont kill me for asking this....

    I know its been asked before but I cant find the thread. We are interested in zip lining while we are at CSA, our first time there we didnt do any off site excursions except for the shopping trip and wanted to get your opinion of the best zip line tour to go on.
    Its going to be like 3 couples all together coming with us and we wanted to do something together as a group. Any suggestions would be nice....

    9 more days until paradise!!!!! EEEK I cant wait!

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    I was hoping this question would be about jorts.

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    We are planning on doing this in Nov, while we're at CN. I called Chukka Caribbean and they said the closest zipline to Negril is the Montpelier Jungle Outpost, which is south of MoBay in the hills. It is 1hr 20mins from CN, so about the same from CSA. The experience lasts about 2hrs. The cost is $90pp, which includes transportation from the resort, and you can get more info on their website. If you do this one, please post a review when you get back. Have fun on your trip!

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    There is (or was) another zipline at YSFalls, which I thought was also run by ChukkaBlue. Its a bit further from Negril, but is closer to some other attractions.

    Its a short zip, though... not the multi-stop runs that you would find in Belize.

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    Look at the following web site, this is not to far from CSA

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    Oh wow thanks sooooo much! You guys ROCK! I am going to check out the websites now.

    7 days and counting!!!!

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