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    Default Rooms at CSS....

    Hi everyone! I am having a hard time deciding on what room we should choose for our stay at CSS. Can anyone give me any information on the Deluxe Ocean Suite, Deluxe Ocean Verandah Suite, the One Bedroom Ocean Suite, or the One Bedroom Beachfront Suite (view, privacy, noise, bathrooms, balcony, location, etc.) Any information or advice will be helpful!!! Thanks
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    Default Room at CSS

    We enjoyed the ocean view suite, it is away from everything and takes a while to walk to. What we did was walked up a level and stopped for a drink or dip in the pool, then proceeded to the last level which was the G section. We enjoyed the adventure, and not just walking to the room. The stairs were not bad at all, unless you hate exercise. My legs are stronger now.

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    WE just returned and had a Beach front suite. We just loved it. We were in Block A, which is closest to the A/N beach. The room was large with a blocked off living room. My husband likes to watch TV before he goes to bed, and I do not , so this was perfect. The bathroom was also large, with two double sinks, a seperate hair and make-up area. Two people could get ready at the same time. I loved it. Because you are so close to most things. We went to our room often to change or go to the washroom, and it was never a big deal. We loved visiting all the other areas on the upper levels, and got plenty of exercise that way. Our balcony was small, but plenty big enough to enjoy morning coffee. The public areas at CSS are so wonderful that we would rather enjoy a drink somewhere else on the property, other than our balcony at night.

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    Is the ocean view suite considered the Deluxe Ocean Suite or the 1 Bedroom Ocean Suite.
    (We have decided we don't want the Deluxe Ocean Verandah because by the looks of the pictures it does not have an inside sitting area, couch?)

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    We were there a few years back and loved our room. But alass can't remember the number or block. I can tell you it was the third floor right above a pool near the entrance. Our view from our huge balcony was of the ocean strait out and the stage to the left slightly. Would love to get the same room on our visit Feb. 2012. Can anyone tell us what block?

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    the beachfront suites are closer to everything ( 2 of the 3 restaurants, both beachs, main pool) and we loved our "A" block room. The balconies are small w/ only a table and chairs where we had room service but we do not spend that much time in our room while on vacation. We like to use the bathrooms in our room so we need to be close to our room at CSS, the other catagory rooms are quite a hike from the beaches.

    If you spend a lot of time in your room then maybe the bigger rooms up on the cliffs would suit you better but the beachfront suites are very nice and so convenient to everything!!!

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    robandchrissy, that is "G" block.

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    We stayed last year in a One Bedroom Ocean Suite and stayed in D Block. We liked the location of the block but our room didn't have a great ocean view because trees blocked much of the view...and our balcony was smaller than other ones I saw in the same block...but our room was great.

    This year we booked the One Bedroom Beachfront Suite. I was hoping we'd get a little better view and balcony but have my doubts now after reading other peoples description. We don't really care though...we KNOW the room will be top notch, food will be great, and relaxation will be second to none.

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