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    Default How Hard are the Beds at CTI?

    I will be staying at CTI from October 9-18th. My husband and I have stayed at hotels with very comfortable beds and others where we couldn't even sleep because the beds were hard as rocks. I was hoping I could get some insight on what the beds are like at CTI. I really appreciate the information!


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    Default Awesome!

    We just came back a week ago, and I found them amazing. We fell asleep very easily and I loved snuggling with the duvet once hubby was out in the morning. Not a complaint here -- loved them.

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    I have a bad back, and didn't mind the beds at all at fact, since it was our honeymoon, we spent quite a lot of time in our bed....wink, wink....and I never was uncomfortable.

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    Kara - the beds are SOOOO comfy. I love them, and the pillows are plentiful. You will sleep like a baby at CTI.

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    We think the beds were comfortable in July. Not too hard, not too soft.
    Irie Mon

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    We thought the beds were terrific (CTI 7/26 - 8/1)so much so....that when we checked out I had the front desk find out what type of beds they were. Found out they are Sealy Postropedic however they were made special for Couples! We ran to our local Sleepy's and laid on every mattress, could not find the exact type.....still looking!

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    Our bed was quite comfortable, and I'd dearly love to have a puffy duvet like that.

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    Thank you everyone! We are getting very excited about our trip!

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