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    Default Non-alcohol beverage options at TI

    I have read about all the wonderful food available and the unlimited alcohol. What restraunts make what and who expects reservations and who doesn't. All the great information I have gotten from this message board, but one thing is missing. For those of us who dont drink alcohol what is available? What is good as a virgin drink? ( The rum I hear so much about I will have to try. Maybe with a little of that I might just head on over to the AN beach! lol) But not being heavy drinkers will we still have a world of beverage options to explore as well?

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    CTI is a great resort to have non alcoholic drinks. In the morning there is the smoothie bar in the Patio Restaurant, it is open until 1030 am. At 1100am the veggie bar , that is directly on the beach opens. Again, they make awesome fresh fruit smoothies, and have a smoothie of the day. I have them mix me up virgin pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris. Both areas see so much of me, that they are always trying something new for me. They also will make your smoothies with honey , which is a great ingredient.
    Also the bars will make you virgin frozen drinks. They are also good, but the smoothie stations at Patios and the Veggie Bar are best.

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    Also , here is a thread that shows some of the smoothies and shaken cocktail options you will find at CTI.

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    Thank you very much for your response. It sounds like a plan to me for I love fruit and smoothies! I can't wait T-157 and counting down!

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