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    Default Super Bowl Weekend

    Has anyone been to Couples Swept Away over Super Bowl Weekend? When we were there in August we were told it's a great weekend for sport fans so we're thinking about booking. Is it worth it? And how was the weather? Thanks for all information

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    February is the driest and best time of year as far as weather IMO. It is also the priciest. We have watched 2 Superbowls at CSA and they do it right. I can't think of a better place to watch the game, with my toes in the sand and a Red Stripe in my hand.

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    I was wondering why the price was so high!!!! But I love CSA so it's worth it but I'm staying a shorter period this time because it is so expensive and wanted to know if it is worth it...Thanks

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    If I could afford it we would go that week every time as the weather is the best usually and it is also our anniversary. Plus the weather up here in Minnesota is horrible!

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