I am very excited. My boyfriend and I just booked CTI for Xmas Dec 24th to Jan 31st. It's a pricey time of year to go but unfortunately we can only travel @ xmas and spring break, the most expensive times to travel...To me, CTI is so worth it!

We will miss the New Years Eve celebration but we have already experienced that in 2009. This is our 3rd trip to Tower Isle. We were lucky enough to have been there this year in April for spring break also.

I cannot wait to experience the new room service and mini bar...what a great idea that was...we would go to the bar & carry our drinks back to the room...not anymore. Also, there was a day where we slept in and didn't want to go to breakfast but we were hungry so now we can call room service...I even bought H2O shoes for Dunn's river falls (I've always gotten some kind of cut or foot injury everytime I've climbed it...not anymore). As you can see, I am a person who likes having something to look forward to and know I can share that feeling on this site.

One Love