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    Default Invest 97- Tropical Storm

    I was just looking at and I see there is a storm that is brewing and looks like one of the projected paths has Negril nailed as one of them.

    We leave on the 1st of September, and I am kinda freaking! Praying that it heads the other way.

    Storm, Storm go away come back another day!! 13 more days!!!!!!!!!!!

    Randymon, have you got any input on that storm?

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    I'm assuming you are referring to what is now TS Irene. She is, indeed churning out in the Caribbean, and her westward path will take her through the northern Leeward Islands.

    The northeast quadrant of the island of Jamaica lies within the southern edge of the projected cone of uncertainty which defines the currently forecasted path.

    In any case, it will take this storm until about Monday to traverse the island of Cuba/Hispaniola as a category 1 storm, during which it will lose steam to be downgraded to a tropical storm. Later this week, it is expected to regain strength to category 1 before making landfall through the Florida peninsula and panhandle.

    It should no longer be a factor when you take off on the 1st... so relax!

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    We also are going in September, so I am actually hoping something comes now, instead of later.

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    Thank you GOD that its going the other way! No more storms from here on out PLEASE!

    10 days and counting until we arrive at CSA!!!

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    A good web site for tracking storms is It projects that Irene will miss Jamaica.

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    your in the clear for now mate

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    Default Invest

    I just looked at this depression and it looks like it is going to track way north of the its all good at this point. Our trip starts on the 14th and I am beginning to track whats coming out of Africa now and so far...fingers crossed...September looks good!
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