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    Default Room question at CSA

    After a couple weeks of trying to decide on a resort at S, we found Couples and quickly changes our minds! We have decided on CSA and I have a question.

    For the Garden and Ocean front Verandah Suites - are the entrances to the rooms through the verandah? I saw mentioned that the breakfast is served there. Is this true on the upper levels as well? I wake much earlier than my husband most of the time, and it seems like the perfect place to have coffee and read a book in the early morning.

    We are also trying to decide on the ocean front or garden. The ocean front looks wonderful, but we could swing an extra night with the garden. Any thoughts?

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    The rooms on the bottom floor may be entered from the verandah. However, the upper levels can only be entered through the "back" door. The breakfast is served on the verandah, so if you are on an upper level floor, housekeeping will have to go through your room to put the tray down. It isn't a big deal, but would probably wake your husband up a bit earlier than he may like. You may try requesting a ground level room upon check-in and if any are available for your stay I am sure they would oblige.

    Ocean vs. Garden: If booking a GVS meant that I could stay an extra night, that would be my choice! The rooms are exactly the same in every way except location, and honestly, we don't spend enough time in the room to justify an upgrade to an OVS if it would cut our vacation short by a night!


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    Hi llm - first off, we need to clarify what type of rooms you are asking about. There is a garden suite, which is the most basic room at CSA. No mini-bar, no TV. There are the newer garden verandah suites - these have the verandahs that I think you are refering to. The GVS rooms have TVs and a minibar. You cannot enter through the verandah if it is locked from the inside (there is no key access). They also cannot deliver breakfast to your verandah if you are on the 2nd or 3rd floor. They will knock on your door in this case.

    Now, there is no such category as ocean front verandah suite. There is either an ocean verandah suite, beachfront verandah suite, or beachfront suite. I have no idea which one you are actually referring to. You might want to check under "accommodations" to clarify. We usually stay in the beachfront verandah suite, which has a TV and minibar (the beachfront suite does not have a TV). The ocean verandah suites are exactly like the beachfront verandah suites, except they are directly behind the BFVS, and thus not right on the beach.

    As far as is it worth it to stay in a beachfront room if it means staying one less night? Depends how important it is to you to be right on the beach. In our travels, we've found it to be rare to find a room that really, truly is right on the beach. It is worth it to us.

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    Thank you for the responses. The rooms I am referring to are the ones with TV/Minibar. I meant Beachfront verandah suite not ocean - my mistake there. There are no ocean rooms available for our time frame.

    I am leaning towards the beachfront and one less night - and will look at trying to get a ground floor. I have only priced through the web site - and we are trying an agent now - so we will see once we have the final cost.

    I want to say also that this message board is wonderful! I had so many questions answered just browsing through other peoples questions. Much better input that just the reviews on other sites.


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    We stayed in the Ocean Verandah and even though they are not available during your time, the rooms are similar. We had a first floor and loved it! Though if I were you, I'd stay in a garden and swing an extra night.
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    Thanks for the photos Amy! Those are great.

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    Laura, you will love the verandah suites. Have your travel agent request a bottom floor and then you can have continental breakfast delivered to your room. If you go with Beachfront, then you will be having coffee and pastries looking at the beach right in front of you. If you go with Garden then you will have lush vegetation all around you and might see the water or beachfront in the distance. My husband and I loved our Ocean Verandah Suite and we are going with a Garden Verandah Suite on our next trip to go an extra night and save some money. We loved napping on the verandah and have cocktails out there in the evenings. You are gonna love it at CSA. Have fun!

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    Just got back from CSA. We stayed in the Ocean Verandah Suite, I would def recommend the Garden Verandah Suite and the extra night. Thats what we are going to do when we go back. The Garden Verandah's are right behind the Ocearn Verandah's and there isn't a dif in the rooms besides there location.

    We had a 3rd floor corner room which was a little more private than a first floor room which we liked. When the breakfast was served they would knock on the door and then put the tray out on our verandah. It was a great time and I'm already going through withdrawl

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