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    hello all, we got 3 more days till our trip to CSS!!!! So excited. But i have a basic and maybe silly questions. Not that we really plan on it, but do you have to do everything together. Like can just one person go to the beach or to fitness room or to a schedule activity alone. Just curious, i know this is probably really dumb, but just wanted to know! ha. We are anticipating this trip soo much!! Thanks.

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    You can do whatever you want! Sometimes, I will go to the fitness center for a bit while my wife takes a nap or lays on the beach. We are divers, and out of 16 or so dives we've done in 2 trips, I would say about half the divers are usually flying solo, because their spouse doesn't dive. There are so many diferent activities and interests, you will often see people doing things separately. No worries! You will inevitably meet back up at the pool bar at some point!

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