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    Default Cliffs in Negril

    Hey All! We are getting married at CSA on 9-10-11 , we wanted to go to some cliffs for pictures all dressed up the next day before we do a trash the dress. Does anyone know the best place for pictures/how to get there for pictures?? Thanks!

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    Hi Nicky, are you using the resort photographer or an outside vendor? I think your photograher would have some suggetions for cliff pictures. For me, my first choice would be Tensing Pen and then probably Rockhouse. I"d call them each ahead of time and see if they would have any issue with it and if there would be any type of fee. I"m thinking maybe just buy a drink or two or maybe some lunch and it would ok. But check first. There are a lot of other places on the cliffs if you just want a natural cliff setting but the two I mentioned have some really stunning areas for pictures. And as far as getting there. No problem. It's just a short cab ride. Shouldn't cost more than $25 round trip. Contratulations on the upcoming wedding and on choosing such a beautiful place for it!

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    check out hideawile on the cliffs just past the light house
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    The Cliffs are only dramatic from the water... when you're on top of them, all that impresses is that its a long way down. Your best bet is to find a way to get to one of the resorts and perhaps have some pics taken on one of the little islands at the base of the Cliffs... or on the Cat Cruise.

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