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    Default Extras at CSS? horseback riding?

    My fiance and I are coming to stay at CSS for our weddingmoon. I know couples includes tons of stuff to do but i also know that there are extras you can pay for. We really want to do horseback riding but didn't know if we should wait till we got there to sign up for it or if couples even offered that? any details on the little extra things we can do would be awesome. thanks!

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    When you arrive at CSS, you should stop by the Excursion Desk. This is where you sign up for included (free) trips like Dunn's River Falls and shopping in town. They also have a bunch of brochures on the pay-extra trips there as well. You could book prior, but I found it was pretty comparable in cost and more convenient to book once on property.

    Excursions we have done:
    Horseback riding - it was a nice trail ride through an old plantation and then we rode in the water. As a more experienced rider, I would have much preferred the private tour versus the group ride. The horses are rescue horses, so while thin, they do appear well cared for. It's not the most romantic or exciting of the excursions we have done.

    Mystic Mountain - Tranopy (Skyline lift/Bobsled/Zipline) - we both love this trip. it was the most expensive of the excursions, but I loved the infinity pool and water slide at the top of the mountain (you can see the port of Ocho Rios - amazing views). Definitely different than being at Couples (aka family oriented), but I found we appreciated the solitude at CSS far more after the trip. Zipline was super fun, so long as you don't mind heights!

    Water Safari (jetski/snorkel combo) - this would have been better if the weather wasn't so uncooperative. The water was choppy and stirred up so we couldn't see much on the dive and it took about 45 minutes to get there. Double jet skiing along the coast (not crazy like, but driving in a caravan) was still enjoyable.
    The people on our bus who did the atv trail ride looked like they had a better time, but you have to like being covered in mud.

    Two pieces of advice:
    1. Maximum (1) excursion per 5 days at CSS - otherwise you won't have time to do all the things offered there (massage, waterskiing, snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, tennis, beach games, doing absolutely nothing);
    2. If you plan to go horseback riding/ziplining, bring a pair of longer (knee-length shorts/capris) and sneakers.
    Best wishes on your weddingmoon!

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    CSS has not offered Horseback since it has been part of the Couples resort family. CTI did have a free horseback riding excursion, but eliminated it this month.

    You can book an outside excursion that includes horsebacking riding at either resort. I am not sure what the cost would be. Arrange it thru the guest services desk

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    There are a couple of places that do horseback riding, and there are various options available (group, private, beach, mountains, all-day, half-day, etc.). You'll find brochures for various local tour companies in your room, and there's a desk in the lobby where a friendly staff member will happily discuss all the options and prices.

    I personally wouldn't bother to book anything before you go. Availability isn't likely to be an issue (assuming you're not absolutely hell-bent on a particular day and a particular time), and you may find some last-minute or hotel-only specials. Just remember to pack a pair of jeans.

    Congratulations on your weddingmoon. I hope you have as fantastic and worry-free an experience as we did when we got married at CSS.

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    Congratulations on your weddingmoon! CSS does not include horseback riding in its free inclusions, but they do offer a horseback riding excursion through the tour desk in the lobby. I'm not sure of the cost, but they will gladly help you set up your tour upon arrival.

    All the best!

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