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    Both my wife and myself like to snorkel. Can anyone tell me if they were able to borrow snorkling gear from the dive shop to use out in
    front of Couples Sans Souci? I have heard that some have been able to do this while others had to go on the snorkeling trip to use the gear.

    Any info would be appreciated.


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    The equipment is not generally for loan. We've borrowed a piece on ocassion when one of ours malfunctions but they are usually loath to loan it out. Then they might have to chase down their errant gear.
    We always bring our own. Teresa usually can't get past the ick factor of public snorkles anyway LOL.

    And, FYI, I'm gonna be RICK ON THE BEACH in 17 days!! LOL

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    No problrm mon,
    All of the three resorts CSSx3 have had snorkeling gear for people to use. They do not expect you to bring your own gear. Some of us do but most people use the resort gear.
    In our 7 trips to Couples we have never seen anyone bring their own SCUBA gear with them. This year at CN we met a Dive Master from England and even he used the resort gear.
    We will be back to CSS in April of next year and we can't wait to dive again.
    I don't know if Couples have changed their policy or not but we had to ware a flotation device while snokeling. And more time under the water than I do on top, this is a real pain in the a__!
    Have fun and enjoy

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    Couples does provide the snorkel gear (mask, fins, snorkel) for use on the guided snorkel trips. In general, they do not let you use the gear unless you are on the snorkel boat. We are snorkel fanatics, so we do bring our own gear. The snorkeling in front of CSS is very nice if the water is clear. However, it tends to get very silty near the cliffs and visibility can be very low. When we were at CSS in 2009, it was only clear enough to snorkel in front of the cliffs (the D block and sports complex area) on 2 of our 10 days. However, there were some lovely coral and fish in this area.

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    Thanks for the up-date. Wasn't sure about the restrictions on the equipment. We just like to go right off the beach.

    Has anyone ever snorkeled around the rocky headland between Sunset Beach at CSS and the main beach? It looks like it might have some interesting reefs there.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I didn't think you could borrow the gear to just use off the beach. Please correct me someone if I am wrong and you have. We brought some of our own gear (mask, snorkel, fins and regs for diving), but I only used the mask/snorkel off the beach. If you have your own mask/snorkel, I'd bring it, as it will be more comfortable and fit better, and then you can use that on the beach. Leave the bulky fins and use theirs on snorkel trips. The trips will be much better than snorkeling off the beach anyway. We dove at a site they also snorkel at where there's a shallow wreck. Much more to see than off the beach. I thought the vest you use is inflatable, so you don't have to inflate it and can dive down. I may be wrong and thinking of somewhere else? We didn't do the snorkel trips at CSS since we dove.

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    The flotation device is still in order, and it makes it hard to swim. I know they need to make sure everyone is safe though. We were snorkeling in 40- 50 feet of water at times.

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    Would have loved to snorkel between the Sunset and the Al Natural is that available for snorkeling ? I snorkeling right below the spa, and froze to death. I was cold, and then warm.

    The river must run through that area ? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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