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    I have searched the threads, and checked out the online views of the rooms and think I know the answer, but want to confirm.
    I want to book an Oceanview 1 bedroom Suite as opposed to just a Deluxe Verandah because of the size difference of the balconies. However, my wife enjoys watching TV as she falls asleep, and it appears that there is no TV in the bedroom, and the only suites that have a TV that swivels to be seen from the bed is the beach front. Am I correct in this?


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    The year we had the One Bedroom, there was a tv in both the bedroom and the sitting room. And when we had the Ocean Veranda, it was in the bedroom. As far as the balconies go, I think the size actually depends on the building you get. We were in Block D, and had a smaller balcony in both of the rooms.

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    No worries. There is a TV on in each room. The bedroom one is on the wall.

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    We've stayed in a 1 bedroom ocean suite and there is definitely a TV in the bedroom, as well as one in the living room...this was in G block, can't speak for the other blocks of rooms though. It's a great choice of room category, our favourite!

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    Default Oceanview &TV

    The 1 bedroom oceanview suites do have a tv in the bedroom and the living room area.

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    Yes, what luxuries tvs are in both rooms. We hardly watched them, but they were available.

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