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    Default Probably a stupid question....

    My fiance and I will be at CSA in 21 all of the alcohol included in the 'all inclusive' deal? I really have looked everywhere for my answer and it's not jumping out at me

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    There are no stupid questions......

    In general, all alcohol is included.

    They do offer additional wines at additional cost (in other words, that are not included).
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Yep...and it's all top shelf. Not just shelf.

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    Yes. Everything is included. All the food you can eat and the alcohol you can drink.

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    Absolutely. And they have the good stuff too.

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    Yes it's all included unless you are a wine snob and need fancy wines. Enjoy!

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    Sure is

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    Default Yes

    It is included..... Lots of it if you want.

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    Default alcohol included

    Yes, all the alcohol you can drink is included!

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    Yes all alcohol is included (which also includes top shelf liquors). The only charges for alcohol is if you wish to choose a wine from the upgraded list - we never have as the wines are really very good, especially the sparkling wine and merlot - we don't drink white wine so can't comment on that - you will be amazed at how you don't need any money at all at Couples resorts - all inclusive really means all inclusive!! Enjoy CSA you'll love it.

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    ummmmmmmmm i havent gone to an all-inclusive yet, but looking forward to going in 2012...but it says it in a few different areas..which i cannot remember right now, but yes alcohol is included..and i believe its top shelf liquor from what i read...i think your mini-bar even gets stocked for u too. look through this board for more info, i know i read it in several areas of this site.

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    Yep, alcohol is included. Try a Drity Banana it delicious.

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    Unless you order a "special wine" from the wine list, yes it is all included. House wines are served as included in the alcohol.

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    Yes, unless you want to order different wines. If you ask for a bottle of Vodka for your mini bar, you get a large bottle , much as you would buy at home, not a miniature.

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    Yes, 100% included. All the alcohol and beer at every resturant and bar is included. And mini-bars with alcoholand beer in the room. Have fun! You will love CSA!

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    Yes. All alcohol, except for some wines on the wine list at Feathers, is included. You can drink and eat your fill and never take out your wallet while at CSA. In fact my wallet stays in the safe from the day we arrive till the day we depart.
    Have a great trip, you will love CSA!

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    Default Alcohol

    It is 100% included except for maybe a specialty wine from the wine list and I have never seen a wine list. The house wine at CSA is free and satisfactory for most people.

    Have fun...its a great place and all the booze is pretty much premium, all you have to do is ask.

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    No stupid questions here.
    ALL alcohol , with the exception of a few "preferred" bottles of wine, is included. You can drink, drank (get) drunk all day everyday and never add another dollar to your bill. Couples is not responsible for your hangover.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glinda333 View Post
    my fiance and i will be at csa in 21 all of the alcohol included in the 'all inclusive' deal? I really have looked everywhere for my answer and it's not jumping out at me
    all included!.... Enjoy.

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    yes, a silly question! YES ALL the alcohol is included and all top shelf too! No worries mon!!

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    Yes, other than some of the higher end wines. And all of the alcohol is top shelf. And the mini bars are stocked with your requests......all is good

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    Other than premium wines, yes... it is certainly all-inclusive in that regard.

    However, you've paid a lot for your vacation, and you should, indeed have fun... but take a look at my signature line, a favorite lyric from Bob Marley...

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Default No question is stupid. You don't know for sure unless you ask.

    Also, If you don't see the brand you like. They will do all they can to get it for you. All you have to do is ask ?
    They really try to please all their guests -(At least I know that for a fact is how it always has been while at CSS) (EVERYONE IS FAMILY WHEN YOUR AT CSS- JAMAICA)

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