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    Default 9 More Long Months!!!

    Today is 9 months until our wonderful vacation. We had to cancel our 25th anniversary trip in 2010 due to a job loss but we are finally getting back to Jamaica in April of 2012 for our 27th anniversary. We decided to do a split between CN and CSS, 5 nights at each resort. We have been to CSS twice and CTI once but we have never been to the Negril side and decided to give it a try. I absolutely can't wait until next spring and it isn't even fall yet!! I need help!!

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    CMoore, I can feel your pain!!! We booked our trip March 16th 2011 for Dec. 2nd of 2012 but since then added on 4 nights to CSS so we still have 15 months till our trip and this countdown is going very slowly!!
    We have booked a trip tp Key West this fall and to Destin Fl for next spring to help tie us over and pray that helps pass the time away!! I have swore on this message board that I will never book a trip 20 months away ever again!! Congrats on the 27th Anniversary and I'll tell you the same thing everyone has been telling me
    and it will be here before you know it!!! Congrats again!!!!

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    If you don't already have it, install Pandora on your computer. After that, put on the Bob Marley, Reggae/Carribean, Jimmy Buffet (Margaritaville Radio), or any other of your favorite Reggae stations that you create, then sit back, listen & enjoy while checking out this message board.

    Works for me!

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    Who doesn't ! We have 344 day 19 hours till our next trip. I started the count down on the good bye bus.

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    I'm replying to my own thread but I was is only 8 LONG months away!!

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    Congrats!!! We're opposite of you. 3 trips to CN, 1 to CSA. Just booked CSS. 7.5 months to go. I like the Pandora radio idea, that could help... a little.

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    See CMoore how fast time goes......ha sorry had to go there with that!!

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    We are with you! We will be going to CTI for our honeymoon in April. 238 days to go! The time can't go by fast enough.
    Bonnie & Jon

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    We went to CN for 7 days May 21,2011 and had the best vacation ever. On June 28 we booked 8 days at CN for May 2012. So we are sitting on 9 months until we are back for hopefully an even better vacation. I wish I could afford to go twice a year.

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    As of right now we have 127 days, 2 hours and 7 minutes until we should be arriving in CN. We are going for New Years but only 4 days as we have 9 month old twins at home. But we sure will be partying it up our 4 days there like there's no tomorrow!!

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