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    What is the cost of Golfing at CSS?

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    The green's fee is free. You have to pay for the caddies which is around $18 each I think and you should tip them. When my wife and I played it ended up costing us around $80 for caddy fees, tips and drinks for them. The second time we went we didn't even play since we can play here at home cheaper. If you love golfing and have never played in Jamaica it is probably worth it otherwise I don't think so. You also have to consider if you are taking your clubs if your airline charges for them. You can rent clubs but not sure of the cost.

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    I recently ask this of CSS. The green fee and transfer to the golf club is included. Early morning for 18 holes or early afternoon for 9 holes. Caddies are mandatory and are US$17. Carts are not mandatory.

    I know from speaking to others it is customary to tip the caddies and US$20 is the suggested amount.


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    Hi Redwing,
    When we go on vacation the guys love playing golf and we enjoyed playing Upton GC in Ocho Rios. We've also played at Negril Hills GC in Negril. We walked both courses and Upton is easy to walk. I say save the cart fee and walk with the caddie. Also if you're going to play more than once, lighten up your bag and bring your own clubs.
    The costs should be around:
    Van ride - free
    Greens fees - free
    Club rental - $60
    Caddy fee - $17
    Cart fee - $40 (half if shared)
    Caddy tip - $20/18 holes, $10/9
    Drinks - $3/each

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